NanoPen 02 packs rugged durability in a small, tactical frame for minimalist EDC

In the market for a new tactical pen? Update your EDC kit with the improved NanoPen 02. It features a slew of enhancements, from a quick-release cap to copper housing. Read on to learn more.

NanoPen 02 packs rugged durability in a small, tactical frame for minimalist EDC
NanoPen 02 includes magnetic quick-release cap and safeSLICE tool

If you’re a fan of tactical EDC gear, you may remember the NanoPen, a tiny yet seemingly indestructible tactical pen you could fit just about anywhere. Well, the NanoPen is back with a newly redesigned version.

Introducing the NanoPen 02. This exciting upgrade to the original model comes with a myriad of features and improvements, deserving a spot in your EDC kit. Let’s see what it brings to the table!

NanoPen 02 packs rugged durability in a small, tactical frame for minimalist EDC
NanoPen 02 has a sleek minimalistic low-profile design

Uses long-lasting copper and a protective coating

The NanoPen 02 is crafted using copper materials that improve durability and longevity. However, that’s not the only reason for using copper this time around.

Copper has proven antibacterial and antiviral properties, which are particularly ideal in a time of COVID-induced pandemic. It’s also a material that’s notoriously resistant to corrosion and rust. It’s a clever and effective choice for this kind of product.

The pen is also finished with a black anodized coating. This means the copper is electromagnetically treated to help protect the material beneath from any damage that might occur. That includes scratches.

Has a super small form factor for easy portability

Whether you’re looking for a slim pen for its minimalism, ease of carrying, or concealability, you’re in luck. The NanoPen 02 delivers on all of those things.

It’s only 107 mm long and 7 mm wide, which works perfectly for small bags or shirt pockets. Plus, it’s all housed with a sleek low-profile aesthetic.

Offers a pocket clip & quick-release magnetic cap

Among the many great features packed into this tiny writing tool is a quick-release magnetic cap. The cap uses a strong neodymium magnet that can reach up to 1,800 grams of force.

This force keeps the cap on during activities that might otherwise cause it to disconnect—all without being difficult to remove when you want to. It even has a convenient keyring.

The NanoPen 02 also has a pocket clip barrel design that allows you to clip the pen to shirt pockets and other applicable places. If you like being able to clip your pens, don’t sweat it. You won’t have to fumble around in your EDC pack trying to find where the NanoPen rolled off to.

Includes slicing tool & Tungsten Carbide ballpoint

Of course, what’s any pen without the ability to decently write? The NanoPen 02 contains a Tungsten Carbide ballpoint tip with a 9 hardness rating, clocking in ahead of even Steel and Titanium. This means your writing experience is sure to be smooth and consistent.

The pen also includes its built-in safeSLICE tool, which is designed to safely cut anything from boxes to plastics without the risk of inflicting harm to yourself or others.

NanoPen 02 packs rugged durability in a small, tactical frame for minimalist EDC
NanoPen 02 includes Tungsten Carbide ballpoint for smooth writing

Is a fantastic tactical pen for EDC or life in general

If you have an EDC kit you love taking with you, the NanoPen 02 is likely a great way for you to refine your choice of tactical pen. That said, even if you don’t generally have an EDC kit, it’s still a great tool you can throw in your bag or stick in your pocket while working in and out of the office.

It’s a fantastic pen that’s absolutely worth looking at if you want a slimmer option that still holds up against rough everyday use. You can get the NanoPen 02 from the official Kickstarter campaign page here. Pledges with benefits start at $30.

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