Nebia: Saving the World, One Shower at a Time

Nebia: Saving the World, One Shower at a Time

Reducing everyday water consumption usually requires big changes in one’s lifestyle. But with the Nebia showerhead, you can optimize your morning or nightly routine and contribute to water conservation movements.

With 8,500 backers, the group raised over $3.2 million during its successful Kickstarter campaign. Notable contributors include Apple CEO Tim Cook, the Schmidt Family Foundation (founded by Google chairman Eric Schmidt) and Silicon Valley’s Y Combinator.

Nebia shower

What is it?

The Nebia device is a shower attachment that atomizes water into tiny droplets using pressure. This allows the water to reach a wider surface area, like a strong mist. As a result, the time you spend taking a shower is greatly minimized, making you twice as productive.

“To innovate on the shower experience, we had to look outside of the current industry and approach the engineering problem from a completely new angle,” said Nebia co-founder Gabriel Parisi-Amon.

“The last half century of nozzle technology has completely changed what we can do with droplet sizes and distributions. However, this tech has only been applied to very specialized fields, like rocket engines and medical devices. We used these same tools and technology to develop Nebia.”

The unit comes with a sturdy support panel for easy adjustments. There is also a wand available for hard to reach areas.

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Installation requirements

With the right tools and configurations, installing the device only takes a few minutes. But before you jump into the process, it could be worth checking on the following requirements:

  • Shower must exit from the wall
  • Water supply has to be able to reach a minimum of five feet
  • Water pressure must reach a minimum of 35 PSI
  • Temperature of the water must hit 115 Fahrenheit

Relying on the Nebia for your showering needs can help you save as much as $397 annually. The device is also 13 times more efficient in delivering warm water.

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