Back or neck pain? Posture Keeper is the simple solution

Your body wasn’t designed for sitting at a desk for eight hours at a time. If you struggle to maintain good posture, this wearable device should help you stay perfectly aligned throughout the day.

  • What causes back pain at work? Bad posture is a common cause. Slouching or hunching is a particular problem.
  • What causes neck pain at work? Most often, it’s bad posture again. Leaning forward puts your neck at an unnatural angle.
  • How do you learn good posture? Try a trainer. Posture Keeper is a wearable device that helps you sit upright.

You would think that manual workers are the most likely to suffer physical pain. In fact, people who work behind a desk often experience more discomfort. Poor posture is mostly to blame — any misalignment can cause pain after eight hours in the same position.

The solution to this problem seems obvious. But while your mind is elsewhere, it’s easy to slip back into bad postural habits.

Posture Keeper is a new device that can help you make a change. You wear it like a backpack, with straps over your shoulders. Whenever you sit down, the back cushion keeps your spine in alignment. It’s perfect posture on autopilot.

Are ergonomic chairs worth the money?

Your choice of seating plays a significant part in your comfort levels at work. If your days are largely spent in front of a computer, an ergonomic chair makes a wise investment.

neck pain 06

Instant support

However, it’s not always possible to sit in the same chair. Perhaps you work in a hot-desking environment, or you spend hours in meeting rooms every day.

neck pain 07

Better comfort

Being a wearable device, Posture Keeper helps you sit up straight in every seat. It provides great ergonomic support, without cramping your style. It’s the easy way to fix back, neck and shoulder pain.

How to stop back pain

neck pain 05

Proper posture

Most office injuries are caused by incorrect alignment. This takes many forms, from slouching to neck craning. Due to pressure discomfort, some people also sit at an angle for long periods.

neck pain 02

Wearable device

With Posture Keeper, you can solve this problem without thinking. The device encourages you to sit upright, while supporting your lower back. In addition, Posture Keeper prevents hunching and leaning forward.

How to stop neck pain

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Stop hunching

You might be wondering how this stops neck pain. Your lower back seems quite far removed from your head and shoulders, after all.

neck pain 03

Stop neck pain

Neck pain is usually caused by incorrect Forward Head Posture. When you lean forward or hunch over, you unconsciously tilt your head backwards to compensate. In turn, your neck suffers.

A simple solution

neck pain 08

Truly portable

It takes only 30 seconds to put on Posture Keeper, but the device works all day long.

It fits comfortably with most chairs, and the quick-release mechanism lets you break free instantly.

“Posture Keeper will help you sit upright and support your lower back while you work. The unique design eases lower back pain, making you more productive. It will take your mind off your back and let you finally focus on your work.” — Shirley Tan on Kickstarter

The best parts

WIth full lumbar support, Posture Keeper is probably better than most ergonomic chairs. In addition, it works anywhere.

Sweaty summer?

Our only concern about the design is with temperature control. Will the support be too warm in summer? We will have to wait and see.


– Kickstarter: Until September 28th

– Pledge: $77 USD

– Delivery: December 2018

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