Nymi Wristband Offers the Potential of Unlocking a Smart Environment With Your Heart

It was a shocking setback for those who thought that their intelligently complicated world of passwords could never fall into the hands of hackers when Deloitte released their TMT Productions report last year. Considering the traditionally “strong” passwords with eight characters, numbers and letters to be at risk too, it said that 90% of user-generated passwords will be vulnerable to hacking. That isn’t quite it! If you take the ball rolling backwards, 2011 had been a terrible disaster for Sony’s Playstation Network where a hacker stole the names, birth dates and possibly credit-card numbers for 77 million users. The hard work in building those crazy set of characters thinking that they can protect your data from any kind of light fingered staff all seemed to be nothing but a waste of time and energy.

But there was no way out to this problem than just hoping that you don’t land up as the next cyber hacked victim until recently when the biotech scientists and researchers are unbolting this whole new era of digital authentication with fingerprint scanners, iris/facial recognizers and a lot more. Karl Martin from Bionym, however thinks that “Your face, your iris — they’re all physical features that can be stolen, that you leave everywhere.” as expressed on The Verge. That’s the very reason why he and his team of innovative thinkers from Bionym have finally come up with this gorgeous wristband that crafts a new outlook to authentication technology with cardiac rhythm recognition – it’s time to welcome Nymi.


Work Like the Way Your Heart Wants You To

Turning Confucius’ words “Wherever you go, go with all your heart” into reality through their remarkable creation Nymi, Bionym has brought this unique combination of motion sensing, proximity detection and heartwave identification in a way which was practically unimaginable before. Having originally developed as an idea at the University of Toronto, Nymi wristband is much more than just a security device. It’s introducing this hyper-personalized experience where the world will truly respond to your heartbeats. When interviewed on Techcrunch, Martin had said, “We don’t view this as just a product to unlock your devices, smartphones, etc. Those are security applications. We’re looking beyond that to smart environments.” From starting your day at home to handling your tasks at work, this authentication device makes you live a life that’s hassle-free from the headaches of remembering passwords and carrying multiple gadgets. One simple wristband and you have it all.

One of the best features that makes Nymi stand out from the crowd is it’s noteworthy style of authentication unlike other biometric security devices, which requires this constant authentication activity every time there arises a necessity to unlock something. When Nymi validates your identity through your heartwaves, it’s just checking the shape of your ECG, not your heart rate. This checking happens only at the time of wearing it when the Nymi powers on and waits for your finger to touch the topside sensor while your wrist completes the circuit by being connected with the bottom sensor. This circuit analyses the shape of your ECG wave and one vibration from the device together with the glowing of the LEDs tells you that your Nymi has identified you. This then starts the journey into this extraordinary tech world where your heart is the ultimate master of operation which continues until you open the band, post which it requires re-authentication on wearing once again.


Data Privacy At It’s Best

The team has also ensured absolute privacy of your data with Nymi’s opt-in based control system right down to the hardware level. A hardware secure element keeps your identity safe and unknown from anyone or anything, unless you provide a key through the opt-in process. This new universe that Nymi lets you enter into has your control everywhere, free from any kind of surveillance or monitoring. The good news is that since this cool gadget works only on your ECG, even if it gets stolen by a thief, what they’ll land up with is a fancy looking wristband, nothing more! That’s the magic behind the 3-factor security system, comprising of your Nymi, your unique heartbeat and and Authorized Authentication Device (AAD) which could be a smartphone or device registered with the Nymi app.

That being the very essence of the unique technology behind the device, Nymi has also been incorporated with some superior features of motion sensing that can pick up simple gesture movements and perform task-specific commands like opening the door with the help of an integrated accelerometer and gyroscope. The Bluetooth Low Energy system not only saves your battery life but also brings the wonders of proximity detection within your reach by educating Nymi to self-analyse how far it is from the device it’s talking to. This little bracelet looks great too, simple and elegant, quite a gadget one would actually want to wear. Martin had also confronted on Wired that, “We’re following the philosophy that wearable tech is less about the digital interaction with the user and more about technology that melts into the background.”

Coming in three bold and chic colors black, white and orange, Bionym had recently announced a Bitcoin wallet that’s going to come up as one of the first self applications for Nymi. Bionym’s chief cryptographer had stated that, “The Nymi’s wallet application makes the answer clear: the wallet is physically stored on the Nymi. The Nymi’s multi-factor system, including its ECG biometric, ensures secure Bitcoin storage tied to the rightful owner.” From gaming to banking, this gem of an invention has lots to unveil in the future, turning our lives more sensational and unique. Shipping worldwide in early 2014, Nymi is going to be available at a price of $79 for the first 25,000 buyers post which the price would be $99. Nymi is a new awakening in the world of smart living, after all, who wants to live a tortuous life full of passwords. Happy Gadgeting!


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