Oomi Cam Works as an Amazing Set of Extra Eyes For Home Security

Oomi Cam Works as an Amazing Set of Extra Eyes For Home Security

Two million home burglaries every year in the USA may force you to think of getting a smart home security system. The other day when I was going through the stats on home burglary, I came up with something interesting. According to statistical research, “25 percent of burglars reported cutting telephone or alarm wires before they broke into the home.” But in case of wireless home security, things are a bit different. Burglars will have the advantage of disconnecting wires which gives you an advantage of tracking a burglary when you’re outdoors. Although that will work only if it’s a smart home security system that gives you real-time notification alerts whenever there’s an intrusion back at home.

One of a Kind Home Security Camera 

However, you need to be smart in choosing a home security system that won’t make its presence obvious to the intruders. What I refer to is the Oomi Cam – A home security camera that doesn’t look like a traditional wireless home monitoring camera system and can be mounted anywhere on the wall or even placed on a shelf. Trust me, this camera will work as another set of eyes monitoring your home when you’re not in town!

Oomi Cam

Make it Work by Itself or With the Oomi Home Kit

The Oomi Cam comes as one of the incredible accessories from the Oomi Home team, the purpose of which is to enhance your home security system with a camera that’s stylish and works in the background with precision and accuracy. It will not just work by itself but also pair up with the Oomi Smart Home system we discussed a couple of weeks ago.

Oomi Cam review

I strongly believe that smart home automation and monitoring should not be complicated such that even your grandparents can use them with ease. The Oomi Home is one such smart home kit that’s about to make this concept a reality.

Oomi Cam wireless home security camera

Loaded With Interesting Features

This security camera includes features such as 1080 P night vision, motion and noise detection, microphone and speaker for 2-way communication, audio and visual alerts on the corresponding Oomi Android or iOS App, built in LED lamp and has also been weatherized so that you can use it outdoors (for tracking your backyard or lawn). The camera bears a modern design which can rest on a shelf or even be mounted on the wall if required. It doesn’t look too much of a home security camera which is what makes it a handy device to keep a track on any unwanted activity happening at home when you’re not around.

Oomi Cam home automation

Limited Time Offer You Must Grab Now!

Oomi Cam is a limited time offer from the team which can now be pre-ordered on their Indiegogo campaign for a price of $123 only. I would suggest you get the Oomi Kit as well along with this camera because it’s not a smart home system we come across too often. Given the kind of popularity this campaign has already achieved, I think that big time smart home revolution isn’t that far anymore. Happy Gadgeting!

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