Get Cleaner than Clean with the Oral-B Genius Toothbrush

Get Cleaner than Clean with the Oral-B Genius Toothbrush

Let’s face it – no one actually enjoys brushing their teeth. We all love a clean mouth, but the banality of dragging sudsy bristles over our teeth for a couple minutes isn’t the most entertaining experience. More often than not, we tend to stop well before the 2-minute mark and hope it’s good enough. Even if we do put in the time, our analogue brushes and fancy toothpastes are rarely suitable for a clean a dentist would be proud of. Understanding our society’s love for gadgets and the great need for clean, Oral-B gives us Genius, a revolutionary toothbrush.

Even calling this powerful device a toothbrush is a disservice – that would imply that a simply brushing is all it does. Instead, the Oral-B Genius is loaded with all the latest oral hygiene technology and is paired with an equally smart app.

Oral-B Genius

Although the Oral-B Genius looks like your typical electronic toothbrush, the technology behind it includes loads of sensors to detect how you are brushing and how you should be brushing. By communicating with the camera on your smartphone, the Oral-B Genius has Position Detection to show details about where and how you are brushing. Placing your phone at head level on your bathroom mirror with a suction cup, this smart cleaning system provides you with the toothbrush’s exact location on each tooth as well as the pressure you’re using on it.

Oral-B Genius app

The Oral-B Genius has earned its moniker because it really is a genius. As if real time data about your teeth wasn’t enough, it actually uses all of your brushing metrics to detect your poor brushing habits and alter its movements to compensate. For instance, if you’re applying too much pressure as your brush, and therefore risk receding gum lines, the Oral-B Genius will automatically adjust its speed and pulsation intensity to prevent any damage in your mouth. Talk about smart.


The toothbrush is also outfitted with a timer so you can efficiently clean each quarter of your mouth for the required 30 seconds. It alerts you when it’s time to move onto the next, making it easier and more effortless than ever before. The Oral-B Genius transforms brushing your teeth from a daily chore with moderate benefits into an expertly and precisely controlled two minutes. It’s like have a dentist sat next to you, ensuring you do your best. Set to be released in July 2016, there is yet to be confirmation or price or geographic availability.

As far as technology advances go, the Oral-B Genius is pretty genius. But, do we really need this level of technology in order to brush our teeth?

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