OtterBox just launched a bunch of amazing Xbox gaming accessories at CES 2021

These OtterBox's gaming accessories are designed for Xbox and Elite wireless controllers and can enhance your gaming experience. Continue reading to explore the features of these separate items.

OtterBox just launched a bunch of amazing Xbox gaming accessories at CES 2021
Otterbox gaming accessories in use

Otterbox has released numerous gaming accessories at CES 2021, with partnerships with Xbox. This new gaming line is aimed at mobile gamers and features the Mobile Gaming Clip, Gaming Carry Case, Gaming Glass Privacy Guard, and Easy Grip Controller Shell.

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The combination of these accessories are suitable for Xbox One, Series X/S and Elite wireless controllers. 

Otterbox gaming accessories

Otterbox gaming accessories

OtterBox’s Mobile Gaming Clip turns your phone into a mini Xbox

Costing $30, the OtterBox’s Mobile Gaming Clip is only compatible with Xbox wireless controllers. It attaches to Xbox controllers with or without a protective shell. And it then collapses to a compact size when you’re not using it.

OtterBox’s Mobile Gaming Clip

OtterBox’s Mobile Gaming Clip

This accessory allows you to turn your smartphone into a portable Xbox. In fact, it boasts plenty of flexibility for when you’re on the go or playing games at home.

OtterBox’s Mobile Gaming Clip

OtterBox’s Mobile Gaming Clip in use

Gaming Carry Case charges your controller

Another of OtterBox’s gaming accessories is the Gaming Carry Case. This product can charge your Xbox controller. Also, this gadget includes a quick flip screen stand on the top that allows you to place your phone on top and use as a command center.

Otterbox Gaming Carry Case

Otterbox Gaming Carry Case shell

Furthermore, the Gaming Carry Case also includes a cable pass-through charging technology. Therefore, you can keep your Xbox controller fully charged when you’re not using it.

Gaming Carry Case

Otterbox Gaming Carry Case

Gaming Glass Privacy Guard prevents others from watching

This gadget will cost $50 and is a must-have for protecting your privacy while you’re playing games on public transport or in other crowded environments. the guard securely attaches to your phone’s screen. It’ll then block any viewing from a side angle, so people can’t peer at your screen when you’re gaming.

Easy Grip Controller Shell has a glow-in-the-dark design

Finally for OtterBox’s gaming accessories is the Easy Grip Controller Shell. This gaming gadget will cost $30 and comes in three colors: Light Gray, Dark Gray, and Purple with Green elements that glow in the dark. The shell wraps around the handles on an Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S gamepad to prevent scrapes and scuffs. Moreover, the grips prevent a slippery surface, so you can game for longer periods of time.

Easy Grip Controller Shell

Xbox Easy Grip Controller Shell

It won’t impact your gaming either as it leaves the thumbsticks and buttons easily accessible. And you can easily remove the grip pads on both sides for easy cleaning or to switch to other colors.

Preorders start on January 25 with shipping commencing mid-February 2021. What are your thoughts on these gaming gadgets? Share your feedback in the comments.

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