Peeple Smartens Up Your Door

Peeple Smartens Up Your Door

Invention often comes from a point of need and that’s just what Peeple creator, Chris Chuter, had. Unbeknownst to him, his 3-year-old had opened his front door and left Chuter’s home – a terrifying event for any parent. Peeple allows Chuter, and all parents, to keep track of who’s at their door, when it’s safe to open it, and when it gets opened without our knowledge.

Peeple is an app-enabled smart camera for your door; it’s essentially caller ID for anyone that arrives at your home. With a simply glance at your phone; you’re able to determine whether you should open your door or not.

Peeple in colours

Peeple looks like a fancy hockey puck. It can either attach to your existing peephole or easily to your glass door all without wires. You simply connect it to the Peeple app and you’re good to go; Peeple will begin to notify you with your preferred notifications.

Peeple ID

Complete with an accelerometer and magnetometer, Peeple is awoken by someone either knocking on or opening your door. The built-in CMOS camera instantly connects with the app through your home Wi-Fi and begins to give real-time video of your door’s POV. The long-lasting battery means you only need to charge it every six months and at just 84 mm in diameter and 32 mm thick (and only getting smaller with more funding), Peeple won’t add bulk to your door.

Peeple app

The Peeple app is compatible with both iOS and Android (and is free!). You can set notifications like only being notified if someone knocks, or to keep track of when a door is opened – even when you’re not home. Additionally, you’re able to view a history of these events, which is perfect for parents who want to track curfews. You can instantly smarten up your door with Peeple by screening anyone and everyone (which means you won’t miss deliveries anymore).

Peeple with monster peephole

You can scoop up your own Peeple on their successful Kickstarter campaign until June 26th for $149 or with a Monster Peephole for $159. With their over-funding (nearly $70k of their $50k goal), there may be even more colour or texture options (including wood!). Peeple will begin to ship in May 2016.

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