Phantom 3 Standard Drone Makes Your Photography Go Sky High

Phantom 3 Standard Drone Makes Your Photography Go Sky High

I don’t know how many times you got this before but for me, flying a drone is one of the top five to-dos on my bucketlist. There is something extraordinary about that whole experience and I presume all of us want to use a drone (in a good way) sometime in our life for sure. Now you might be thinking about the price and affordability but let me tell you, drone manufacturers are working super hard to bring this technology to us at a much preferred rate as compared to what it was before. Take the DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone for example. It not only helps you explore your drone flying skills but also brings in the powerful add on of aerial photography at the same time.

Power-Packed Built In Camera

Now, coming to what this drone is like, the Phantom 3 Standard is one power packed drone which gives you an all new perspective of sports, parties, and family events with a built-in camera that captures sharp, vivid 2.7K HD video and 12 megapixel photos. Putting a camera on the sky just makes you capture all those moments in a whole new way. The perspective is totally different which is what makes it fun to watch and totally worth a buy. You can capture your life’s moments in ways you could have done before. Just to make the process even more awesome, the Phantom 3 Standard Drone allows you to share your photos and videos instantly on social media.

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No Distorted Images Whatsoever

The camera on the Phantom 3 Standard Drone is highly powerful and comes with a built in camera which shoots 2.7K video, almost 3 times as clear as the picture on your HD TV, at 30 frames per second and a maximum of 40 Mbps. Or you can also record in full 1080p HD to capture every frame and never miss a moment.

Phantom 3 Standard Drone Makes Your Photography Go Sky High

Now, if you are thinking that this flying camera will lead to distorted images eventually, you need to know that it has been equipped with a custom built lens with a 94⁰ field of view that gives you a perfect image that is nearly distortion-free and gives you a more accurate depiction of the world below. The 3-axis gimbal that holds the camera on your Phantom 3 Standard is evolved from the same technology found in high-end equipment that is relied on by Hollywood filmmakers and gives you stable footage every time.

Phantom 3 Standard Drone Makes Your Photography Go Sky High

25 Minutes of Flight Time Per Charge

Coming to the battery life of this drone, the Phantom 3 Standard is capable of flying for up to 25 minutes on a single charge. In fact, the device will notify you as and when the battery goes low. Simply attach your smartphone on the custom-built remote controller and start exploring your aerial photography skills there on.

Phantom 3 Standard Drone Makes Your Photography Go Sky High

Available at a price of $499, this drone will surely be a great addition to your collection of drones in the near future. Do you think aerial photography is the next cool thing for adventurers after 360-degree cameras?

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