The Picnic Boat is the Luxury Boat You Need

The Picnic Boat is the Luxury Boat You Need

Recently, I wrote about how you should take the time to treat yo’self. While this roundup had plenty of great products, none of them quite captured the lap of luxury. The one item that would make anyone instantly feel as posh as ever is a boat. And that’s possible with the Picnic Boat by RAND because it:
– is luxuriously designed
– features an electric engine
– is eco-friendly

The Picnic Boat by RAND was developed as the brand wanted to produce an easy-to-use boat for all experience levels. They also wanted to keep their carbon footprint small. Named for its unique design with a built-in picnic table, this boat is certainly a head-turner.

picnic boat

Ahoy, Luxury!

Feast your eyes upon the never-fading horizon. With the Picnic Boat, you’re able to kick back and relax while at sea. This day-cruiser measures an ideal 18 feet long so you can share the fun in the sun with family and friends (or keep it to yourself for some much-deserved alone time). Like any truly luxurious product, the Picnic Boat retains a low-key aesthetic while the Danish quality is visible along every inch.

picnic boat

The Eco-Friendliest

The Picnic Boat is the perfect mix of low maintenance with luxury features. Opting for an electric motor as opposed to a traditional motor, it’s also kind to the environment while remaining super quiet. Equipped with a lightweight hull, the Picnic Boat has plenty of storage for anything from life vests and cushions to cocktail supplies and a full picnic basket. Designed for the user, the Picnic Boat is superbly easy to manouver and handle.

picnic boat

Adventures Ahead

Because the Picnic Boat is designed for fun and luxury, you’ll find it’s totally kitted out with convenient features. While the spacious table has enough room for the yummiest cheese board, you and your guests can easily dive off the back for a quick dip.

picnic boat

What We Love

Hello, luxury! This boat is incredibly minimalist yet caters to a pampered lifestyle. Sign us up!

What We’d Like to See

Of course, luxury comes with a cost. It’d be great to have smaller options for a smaller price tag.


Where: Online, direct from RAND or through their US retailer, Nautical Ventures
Price: EUR 14,999 (~ USD 16,030)

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