Pingbell will help you find your two-wheeler in a crowded bike lot

Pingbell will help you find your two-wheeler in a crowded bike lot

Looking for your ride in a sea of bikes during rush hour is one of the most daunting experiences that city dwellers face on a daily basis. Lucky for you, the founders of Pingbell created a revolutionary way to find your two-wheeler and keep track of it from a distance.

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Digitally Locate Your Bike

Pingbell is a must-have for urban living. It attaches onto your bike like a traditional bell. Under the metal cover, you’ll find a locator that you can use to monitor the status of your ride. To get started, simply link the official Pingbell app with the bell that is attached to your handlebars.

The handheld platform stamps the location of your bike (it can handle more than one if you’re tracking for a friend) while you’re at work or doing errands. Note that it does not do this in real-time. Otherwise, it would eat up your phone’s battery and the device would need to be a lot bigger to accommodate a larger power pack.

Instead, it creates a mark on a map in your phone. At the end of the day when you need to find your bike, simply refer to the reference point from the app. When you’re close, there’s also the option to ring the bell remotely. This option is incredibly useful in lots where rickety racks accommodate piles of bikes.

If you don’t want to attract attention, you could also force flash a red light. The light could be difficult to see if you’re not close to the unit.

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Tamper-proof Protection

Seeing that anyone could technically rip the bell out of your bike and take it without any tracking repercussions, the team also added tamper-proof screws. To remove the bell, one would need a special disarming tool- one that only you have (just don’t leave it in your bike pouch).

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