This portable glasses cleaner makes your spectacles sparkle in just 45 seconds

Cleaning your glasses can be a pain. But luckily, there's a way to make it easier with the SPECSTACULR™ mobile glasses cleaner. This gadget cleans your glasses at the touch of a button in just 45 seconds. Keep reading this blog post to learn more.

This portable glasses cleaner makes your spectacles sparkle in just 45 seconds
SPECSTACULR™ mobile glasses cleaner in a person’s hand

Do you wear glasses? Then you know what a hassle cleaning them can be. It might be a five-minute part of your morning routine, where you cleanse them carefully with soap and water and wipe them dry with a microfiber cloth. Or it could be the last thing you think about before you head out the door, and you give them a hurried spritz and wipe before you jump in the car. Either way, it’s a pain. And if you don’t dry your lenses just so, you could leave a streak and be stuck with blurry vision all day. The creators of the SPECSTACULR™ mobile glasses cleaner hope to solve these hangups by making the process super simple. Their portable glasses cleaner makes your spectacles sparkle in just 45 seconds, without heat or moisture. Does it sound incredible? Let’s have a look at this new gadget.

The SPECSTACULR™ features a trendy, luxurious design; a metallic box with sleek leather material on the outside. It looks similar to high-end sunglasses or watch cases. But its inventors didn’t design this box just to look pretty. This glasses cleaner was made to be portable. It weighs 450 grams, or 15.87 ounces, and measures about the length of your typical glasses case, so you can easily fit it in a backpack or handbag.

SPECSTACULR mobile glasses

SPECSTACULR™ mobile glasses cleaner with a bag

How does this high-tech glasses cleaner work?

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, SPECSTACULR™  gets your glasses clean in just 45 seconds, using a heat- and moisture-free process. From the photos on the crowdfunding campaign, the technique looks to consist of soft cleaning rollers that wipe your lenses until they’re sparkly. It’s fully automated, so it requires no effort on your part. And with a cleaning technique that requires no cleaning solutions or worrisome high temperatures, you can take this portable glasses cleaner pretty much anywhere. This is exactly what glasses-wearers need.

Is the cleaning process easy?

You won’t have to worry about following complicated cleaning procedures to use this portable glasses cleaner. The SPECSTACULR™ is easy to use. Simply place your glasses inside and press the button. The button turns green to indicate that the cleaning process is working. The device then cleans your glasses without moisture, heat, or chemicals in just 45 seconds. The results are a clear view through your glasses.

What kinds of glasses can go in this glasses-cleaning device?

With all the different shapes and sizes of glasses out there, you might be wondering if your glasses are actually suitable for this portable glasses cleaner. Luckily, SPECSTACULR™ works with various sunglasses and glasses types. The company’s website provides detailed information and measurements for determining if their product fits with your glasses.

Can you use this device to store your glasses?

Another feature that makes this innovative glasses cleaning gadget incredibly useful is that you can use it to store your glasses. So when you have the SPECSTACULR™, you don’t have to carry your glasses case around with you, too. Whenever you want to put your sunglasses in a safe place, switch to your contacts, or just give the bridge of your nose a break from your frames, you can store your glasses safely in this cleaning device.

Can you replace the cleaning parts?

That’s another yes. The cleaning parts of the SPECSTACULR™ are replaceable. After 1,500 cleaning sessions, the button on the top of the device turns orange. This indicates that it’s time to replace your cleaning cartridge. The cartridge is easy to exchange. Simply click the old cartridge out of the case and click the new one in the same position. This contributes to the long lifetime of the SPECSTACULR™, and thus, its sustainability. It’s a product that’s going to last you a long time.

Where can you buy replacement cartridges?

It’s easy to get new replacement cartridges for the SPECSTACULR™. You can order them on the company’s website. They’ll be available as soon as the first editing shipping begins. This way, you can get replacements along with your initial order.

How is this glasses-cleaning gadget powered?

This portable glasses cleaner is powered by a rechargeable battery that you can charge via a USB charger. That means it’s pretty easy to recharge since it works with just about any charger you already have. It also means you aren’t tethered to an outlet when you want to take this gadget on-the-go.

The SPECSTACULR™ mobile glasses cleaner is a great device for any glasses wearer. It gives you access to clearer vision in just 45 seconds at the touch of a button. So you can say goodbye to those ineffective wipes, sprays, and complicated cleaning procedures. With this gadget, all you have to do is pop your glasses in the device, and your lenses will give you a clearer view of the world.

You can preorder the SPECSTACULR™ mobile glasses cleaner for $83.72 onKickstarter. How do you typically clean your glasses? Tell us about it in the comment section.

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