This universal power adapter is eco-friendly and looks great

Tired of adapters that overheat and cables that get worn? Wish you had one gadget that could charge all of your other devices efficiently? It's possible with the Edge universal power adapter. This innovative device uses GaN technology and adapts its energy output to your device. And this gadget's beautiful, sustainable design will make you proud to show it off wherever you go.

This universal power adapter is eco-friendly and looks great
Edge Universal Power Adapter with a Camera Lens

You need an adapter for your MacBook and tablet. But the typical adapter is bulky, tends to overheat, and has a design that is unimaginative, to say the least. Edge universal power adapter, however, solves these quandaries. The creators of this gadget wanted to develop a powerful adapter using GaN technology that could adapt the power it emits to the device it charges. They also wanted it to look modern and stylish. Looking at the results, it seems like they struck a good balance.

When you place Edge on your desk, its simple yet sleek aesthetic captures your attention. The straight lines and 3D elements make this gadget look like an oversized jewel, one that is durable and can charge your device with the proper amount of energy—nothing more. Designed in Italy, the device is geometric and modern, but its cover is made from recycled plastic. It’s an office accessory that you’ll be proud to display on your desk or take with you on a business trip.

Power your devices with GaN technology

Edge boasts 100W of power, which means that it’s ready to transmit energy to all devices on the market today. And what’s more, it uses GaN technology in place of silicon for its semiconductors. This results in an adapter that offers better conductivity and is lighter and more compact. Overheating is also reduced. For anyone who’s sick of lugging around a brick adapter that gets hot, Edge is the device you’ve been looking for.

Edge Universal Power Adapter

Edge Universal Power Adapter in Black and Blue Color Options

Charge your laptop the intelligent way

In the past, we were all sort of stuck with whatever adapter the manufacturer included with our device. But nowadays we’ve got options. Intelligent ones. And if you choose this power adapter, you’ll be getting a gadget that actually measures the exact amount of energy it should emit for your device. This intelligence helps the environment since it reduces energy waste. So Edge is a device you can feel good about using every time you plug in your laptop or smartphone.

Buy a gadget that lasts

The trouble with those stylish wires from Apple? They get worn so easily. Luckily, Edge universal power adapter’s inventors wanted to create a durable product that you could rely on for years. One of the biggest contributors to landfill waste is throw-away tech components. The creators of Edge hope to reduce it with their product, which boasts detachable and exchangeable cords for better resistance. Also, the cords are made from fiber textiles, which helps them last longer. So you can expect to get years of use out of your Edge adapters and cords. Just the way your grandparents expected their first TV set to last for decades.

Edge Universal Power Adapter

Edge Universal Power Adapter on a Gray Background

Reduce your plastic footprint

I mentioned before that the cover of this power adapter is made from recycled plastic. But the interior case is made from recycled plastic as well. It’s nice to know that the product you’re buying contributes minimal new plastic to the environment. We only hope we see more eco-friendly power adapters like this in the future.

Edge Universal Power Adapter

Edge Universal Power Adapter on a Desk

Enjoy a modular design

Edge features a modular design, which means that you can connect and disconnect your PC, smartphone, tablet, or portable gaming console just by changing the detachable cords. For now, the cords that are available are USB, Micro USB, Microsoft Surface, Apple MagSafe, Apple MagSafe 2, Apple Lightning, Lenovo, Dell, and HP. Edge also has power cords available for most regions. So no matter where you’re reading this, you should be able to use this power adapter in your country.

Edge Universal Power Adapter

Edge Universal Power Adapter Next to Terracotta-Roof Houses

Travel anywhere with this universal device

Since GaN technology allows this power adapter to be lighter and more compact than other adapters, it’s great for travel. Simply pack it in your laptop bag or suitcase, and you’ll have one charger you can connect to all of your devices. All you have to do is bring the right cables.

Edge universal power adapter is an intelligent, eco-friendly gadget that looks great. It’s one of those all-around good products that really does tick all the boxes. I’d buy one myself, especially if I traveled frequently. And with a technology that adapts power to the device being charged, this gadget is really a step forward in the world of adapters. Also, it comes in black and blue color options.

Preorder your Edge on Indiegogo for $66.

Edge Universal Power Adapter

Edge Universal Power Adapter and a Smartphone on a Yellow Background

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