11 Powerful hi-tech routers for seamless connectivity

When you rely on your Wi-Fi to get things done or for gaming, it’s essential that you get a strong connection. These powerful hi-tech routers will ensure that you enjoy seamless connectivity around your home.

11 Powerful hi-tech routers for seamless connectivity
  • Is it worth upgrading my router? Quite possibly. A more powerful router may help you get a stronger signal.
  • What is a Wi-Fi standard? It’s a particular version of Wi-Fi. All standards begin with 802.11, with two lower-case letters on the end, specifying the version.
  • Which Wi-Fi standard should I choose? Always go for the latest to get the fastest possible connection. At the time of writing, 802.11ax (aka Wi-Fi 6) has just replaced 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5).

If the Internet is an important part of your life, it makes sense to invest in your connection. These powerful hi-tech routers will let you browse faster, and frag your enemies with minimal lag.

Netgear Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream Wi-Fi Router

This new router from Netgear looks like a stealth bomber, and it’s similarly powerful. Thanks to a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, this thing delivers gigabit connectivity to 20 connected devices via Wi-Fi 6.

Price: $299.88 USD

Netgear XR300 Nighthawk Pro Gaming Wi-Fi Router

Out of the same Nighthawk stable, the XR300 has some great features for gamers. The router will automatically optimize your connection to prioritize gaming traffic, while limiting the distance to other players.

Price: $199.99 USD

Tenda AC10U Smart Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

Although this Tenda router uses the older 802.11ac standard, it offers excellent features for the price. Dual-band connectivity provides a total bandwidth of 1167Mbps for up to 30 devices.

Price: $33.99 USD

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Razer Sila Gaming Wi-Fi Mesh Router

Another great option for gamers, the Razer Sila lets you choose which apps you want to prioritize. Sila also scans the local network for clean channels, and gaming mode gives your console top priority.

Price: $249 USD

Beam Encrypted Wi-Fi Router

Although Beam isn’t as powerful as some routers, it offers some neat security features. The router automatically encrypts your traffic, scans your network for threats, and provides firewall protection.

Price: $249 USD

Archer C3200 Tri-Band Wireless Gigabit Wi-Fi Router by TP-LINK

The Archer C3200 supports tri-band connectivity, with gigabit Ethernet ports providing fast wired connections. It also has six antennae for the strongest possible signal.

Price: $112.95 USD

Linksys EA9500 Super Fast Router

If you want moar antennae, the Linksys EA9500 has you covered. This beast has eight in total, providing dual-band connectivity with a remarkable bandwidth of 5334Mbs.

Price: $349.99 USD

Norton Core Threat Intelligence Router

Concerned about security? The Norton Core router offers strong data encryption and secure DNS, along with live updates from Norton on emerging threats.

Price: $189.99 USD

Gryphon Safe and Secure Wi-Fi Router

Made for parents, Gryphon lets you block the darker side of the web from your smartphone. Parents can also set age restrictions and bedtime curfews with a couple of taps.

Price: $209 USD

D-Link 5G NR Enhanced Gateway Router

This beauty from D-Link uses 5G instead of a traditional broadband connection. This could make your Internet up to 40 times faster, with sub-6 GHz and mmWave frequencies providing a stronger local signal.

Price: TBA, arriving Q2 2019

Google Wi-Fi Smart Router

No router roundup would be complete without Google Wi-Fi. This small device helps you to optimize your connection, and can even suggest a faster ISP for your location.

Price: $99 USD

Powerful hi-tech routers

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