Razer enters CES 2021 with a mind-blowing concept gaming chair and smart mask

Released at CES 2021, these Razer concepts are flooded with RGB colors and effects for personalization. Stay safe with the smart mask, and have fun at home with the gaming chair. Continue reading to find out more.

Razer enters CES 2021 with a mind-blowing concept gaming chair and smart mask
Project Hazel N95 smart mask design

Released at CES 2021, Razer presents two concept ideas: Project Hazel N95—a smart mask—and Project Brooklyn—a gaming chair.

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You can use these Razer concepts every day for an immersive gaming experience and to remain safe when venturing outdoors.

Project Hazel N95 has a high filtration efficiency

Living through a pandemic, people are buying face masks left, right, and center. Although Razer prides itself on creating purely gaming-related gadgets, they unveiled a smart mask at CES 2021. This mask features a surgical N95 respirator that has a high fluid resistance to protect your mouth and nose against large droplets and splashes.

razer concepts

Razer Project Hazel N95 in use

Plus, its built-in active ventilation system regulates airflow. In fact, the Project Hazel N95 can filter at least 95% airborne particles, helping to protect you from viruses and bacteria.

And when you’ve done wearing the smart mask, there’s no need you throw it away. Simply recharge it via the included mask, which includes a UV light interior to kill bacteria and viruses. Another highlight of this Project Hazel N95 smart mask is its built-in microphone and amplifier combination. Together, this technology provides clarity to your voice, helping you to communicate clearly with others. Meanwhile, its transparent design allows others to clearly see your facial expressions.

Project Brooklyn features 4D armrests and a 60-inch screen

Project Brooklyn is a must-have for avid gamers. What first looks like a regular gaming chair then transforms into a home entertainment system to deliver an immersive gaming experience for PC and console gaming devices.

razer concepts

Razer Project Brooklyn with the screen released

Simply press a button and Project Brooklyn will release a 60-inch rollout OLED display from the back of the chair. Moreover, the screen produces visuals in crisp detail with stunning visuals, so you’ll always be ready to attack your enemy. In fact, this Razer concept chair is equipped with high-fidelity haptic modules built around its framework. This transforms the chair from a comfortable sitting zone to feel the vibrations and impacts of the game.

Furthermore, this concept chair features collapsible 4D armrests for maximum comfort. This also allows you to switch between gaming with a mouse and keyboard, and console gaming.

These Razer concepts might be everything you’re looking for now. Our top favorite of the chair? The RGB lighting effect that’s powered by Razer Chroma. This enables you to personalize the chair with 16.8 million colors and effects to choose from. As for the mask, it also features lighting effects to add some personality to your everyday wear.

Both Razer concepts will be released soon with more information about the price to follow. Are these gadgets you’d love to get your hands on? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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