Rent out your driveway with Valay Park to earn extra money

We've all felt the frustration and anxiety of not being able to find a parking space at work or on a day out. With this app, you can discover parking opportunities everywhere.

Rent out your driveway with Valay Park to earn extra money
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You’re headed to a new entertainment venue when you feel the anxiety of finding a parking spot. There’s none nearby, and the clock is ticking. Before you know it, you’ve driven in circles and still have no idea where to park. Enter Valay Park.

Introducing Valay Park—an app that works for both car and property owners to help you make money from your unused driveway or to discover the closest parking space to your location. See how this app might become your next income generator by reading today’s article.

This app helps you make money from renting your driveway

How can this app help you earn money?

Do you have a driveway in a popular destination that you don’t use all the time? If so, put that space to good use by becoming a Valay Park partner and earning cash when drivers park on your property.

You can also rent out a parking lot, parking space, or any private land that you own. Above all, you get to choose the hours that your driveway or parking space is available, so you can still use it when you arrive home from work.

It’s a win-win. You limit the stress of a driver trying to locate a parking space while you increase your bank balance by doing nothing.

Each city will have a flat rate for drivers, and Valay Inc. will take a 20% fee from all transactions made on the app. The rest is yours to keep without doing anything other than having an unused space on your property. If you kept up with this often or had repeated customers, you could earn substantial money.

Rent out your driveway with Valay Park to earn extra money
This app allows you to make income from your driveway

Eliminate the headache of searching for a parking space

No one likes crowded parking lots, and Valay Park eliminates the headache of drivers searching in an unknown area trying to find an unreserved, fairly priced space. Using this app, every potential space you own could be turned into a parking and money-making opportunity.

Furthermore, this app is so simple for drivers to use. Just log in to collate an option of nearby parking spaces and select one. Pay a rental fee. Then, get peace of mind that your car is in a safe location. Because we’ve all felt the fear of leaving our vehicle in a suspicious area or a crowded parking lot.

Best of all, when you come to collect your car, you won’t have to endure long delays, as there won’t be anyone else rushing to leave your zone. It’s like having a VIP parking space waiting just for you.

Valay Park is initially launching in Atlanta, GA, which is home to the busiest airport in the world: the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Alongside other key events, these are prime locations for earning some extra cash. The Valay Park app is now available to download, and you can make an investment on its official website.

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