You should rest easy when you try SleepBliss

The jury is out on whether crystals can cure health problems or help you sleep. But many people say they sleep better with a crystal by their bedside.

You should rest easy when you try SleepBliss
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Before medicine became a tightly controlled science, people had to find their own cures for various conditions. Some of these treatments live on to this day, kept alive by people who have been failed by the medical profession. One example is the use of crystals to heal the body and mind. While there is little scientific backing for the use of crystals, many users report positive effects. SleepBliss is a crystal ball aimed at folks who suffer from insomnia. The makers say that it is embedded with a specific frequency that could help you rest easy.

How do sleep crystals work?

According to physics, every object has a frequency — even you and me. Crystals have their own specific frequency. Alternative medicine professionals say that this just so happens to be the perfect frequency for restoring the human body.

Given the lack of scientific backing for these claims, the efficacy of crystal use comes down to anecdotal evidence. It must be said, there are many people who have experienced crystal cures.

SleepBliss takes things a step further. During the manufacturing process, the crystal ball is embedded with the Delta Wave Frequency (3.4 Hz). This specific frequency matches the tempo of your brain waves during deep sleep or meditation. It’s the same principle that binaural beats work to.

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The perfect frequency

Rest easy

While you can argue about the science, SleepBliss is winning when it comes to usability.

To experience all the ball has to offer, you simply place it on your nightstand. There’s no battery to charge or Bluetooth to set up. This insomnia solution is all-natural and totally non-invasive.

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Simple to use

[tweet_box]There’s no battery to charge or Bluetooth to set up. This insomnia solution is all-natural and totally non-invasive.[/tweet_box]

Along with folks who suffer from insomnia, the ball is aimed at shift workers, athletes who need sleep, and hyperactive toddlers. The makers of SleepBliss even suggest that you wear a sleep tracker such as Oura Ring and Emfit QS to see the results. Now that’s confidence.

“Using Frequency Embedding Technology we have impregnated the 3.4 Hz Deep Sleep frequency in a crystal ball which acts as a medium to store and emit the Delta Wave frequency.”

“No side effects are experienced as this is totally non-invasive. Our technology not only ensures good sleep, but deep sleep. It is a dreamless state where bodily consciousness is lost. It is the most important stage of the sleep cycle that our body and mind yearn for, but unfortunately due to our stressful lifestyle very few among us are able to experience that on a daily basis.” —

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Rest and recuperation

Things we like

You won’t find a more user-friendly insomnia solution than SleepBliss. There are no side-effects to this treatment, so you’re pretty much on a no-risk trial.

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Worth a shot

Notes of caution

Because of the lack of scientific evidence, we can’t really call SleepBliss a proven cure. The only test worth taking notice of is whether it works for you.


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