This robot from Boston Dynamics can lift boxes like a pro

Boston Dynamics has expanded its collection of smart robots that's specifically designed to use in warehouses. It's efficient, intelligent, and might be the missing factor in a well-run e-commerce environment. Discover more in today's blog.

This robot from Boston Dynamics can lift boxes like a pro
Boston Dynamics Stretch robot in action

Meet Stretch: Boston Dynamics’ smart robot that’s designed for moving boxes in a warehouse environment. This smart robot can shift up to 800 boxes in one hour; that’s more than the average human is capable of. Stretch is a box-moving robot that can support warehouse automation, which we all know is a demanding market that’s fueled by e-commerce.

Boston Dynamics’ latest release can unload trucks and build pallets quickly. And Stretch’s design and intelligence offer advanced mobility, so you needn’t adjust a fixed infrastructure for this robot.

Boston Dynamics’ Stretch robot in a video

Stretch is designed for warehouses

Stretch’s purpose is to support warehouse facilities and distribution centers by tackling tasks, such as unloading trucks and rapidly moving boxes. This robot’s technology uses Boston Dynamics’ advancements to increase the workflow in a warehouse environment. And it can improve employee safety in physically challenging tasks, too. Moreover, Stretch can identify boxes with ease without training, and its vision technology allows it to pick and place boxes. Therefore, it can improve efficiency in the workplace.

This robot from Boston Dynamics can lift boxes like a pro
Boston Dynamics’ smart robot, Stretch, in a warehouse

How is Stretch built?

Boston Dynamics’ robot features a small mobile base that can move to navigate loading docks. And its petite design allows it to maneuver through tight spaces. In fact, Stretch can even adapt to changing layouts.

Moreover, this robot comes with a custom-designed lightweight arm with seven degrees of movement. This range of motion allows this robot to reach cases throughout a truck without less movement than a human. And it also includes a smart gripper. The smart gripper can handle a variety of package types while maintaining a high speed. In fact, Stretch includes high-capacity batteries to power it through a full shift. Or you can keep it plugged in for continuous use.

These elements feature advanced sensing and controls to handle a variety of boxes. This includes different shapes, sizes, and even boxed and shrink-wrapped units.

Boston Dynamics
Boston Dynamics’ Stretch picking up boxes

Its intelligence improves efficiency

We’re all looking for new ways to get more done in less time. Stretch’s pick rates can go beyond a full shift within the same timeframe, so it’s a no-brainer. With handle package variability in various environments and an advanced vision system, it makes every move with confidence and minimal errors.

For more information, including getting your hands on Stretch, visit Boston Dynamics’ official website. Do you think the world is ready for this level of automation in the workplace? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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