RollerMouse Red is the most comfortable mouse you’ll ever try

Using a mouse for 40 hours a week is not a natural pastime for your hand. This new ergonomic mouse makes things more comfortable.

RollerMouse Red is the most comfortable mouse you’ll ever try
  • How do you stop back pain at work? Invest in an ergonomic chair, make sure to sit upright, and ask your chiropractor for advice.
  • Where can I find an ergonomic chair? There are many to pick from in our furniture section.
  • What is the most comfortable mouse? The RollerMouse Red offers a great mix of comfort and precision.

For many people, pain is an inevitable consequence of their chosen job. Most warehouse and construction workers seem to acquire a long list of aches over time, as do many delivery drivers.

While the injuries suffered by office workers are less spectacular, they are every bit as miserable. The human body was simply not designed to sit in one spot for eight hours at a time. Similarly, your hands were not made for typing and clicking.

One way to make desk life more comfortable is to upgrade your peripherals. RollerMouse Red doesn’t look much like your average clicker, but it’s far kinder on your hands and wrists. In addition, you can program the mouse with custom functions.

What is an ergonomic mouse?

Deviating from the traditional two-button design, an ergonomic mouse is made primarily for comfort.

These accessories vary enormously in terms of shape, but they usually offer a larger area for your hand to grip. Furthermore, many are formed to mirror the natural shape of the human hand.

[tweet_box]Using a mouse for 40 hours a week is not a natural pastime for your hand. This new ergonomic mouse makes things more comfortable.[/tweet_box]

The RollerMouse Red might be the most comfortable mouse we have ever seen. It doesn’t actually look like a mouse — it masquerades as a keyboard wrist support, with a giant roller for scrolling up and down the page.

A more comfortable mouse

This unique design feature has two benefits.

comfortable mouse 02

Better comfort

Firstly, you don’t have to grip a mouse for long periods. You can operate the rollerbar much like a rolling pin, scrolling up and down with your palm. The second benefit is efficiency. This mouse lets you scroll at high speed, while using 20 percent less muscle effort.

comfortable mouse 03

Total precision

Although the RollerMouse Red helps you economize on movement, this accessory offers total precision. Inside a ring of programmable action buttons, a scroll wheel lets you move your cursor around. There are 10 different DPI settings to choose from, and the wheel feels super smooth.

All of this is mounted on a neat wrist support at the base of your keyboard. The RollerMouse also works with a larger arm support that can be purchased separately.

comfortable mouse 06

Wrist support

Of course, not everyone has the same size hands. Consequently, RollerMouse Red comes in two editions: standard and plus. The latter is designed specifically for users with larger hands. You can also choose between wired and wireless versions of the mouse.

“RollerMouse Red is the premier model in our in-line family of RollerMouse products. It features a larger rollerbar than its predecessors, and a left click that has been virtualized to minimize impact on your fingertips while providing unrivaled precision.” — Contour

The highlights

For anyone who struggles with hand pain at work, RollerMouse Red is an essential upgrade. It allows you to maintain total control with an open palm.

Small reservations

This mouse is one quarter the price of your laptop. That’s a serious investment for anyone. However, the RollerMouse should solve your pain problems.


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