Samsung’s 870 Evo is the entry-level SSD you can’t say no to

Introducing the 870 EVO SSD by Samsung, which uses the company's latest SATA solution and is targetted at general PC users to IT professionals. Read this blog to explore this SSD's highlights.

Samsung’s 870 Evo is the entry-level SSD you can’t say no to
Samsung’s 870 Evo SSD design in black

If you want optimal performance when gaming, you’ll require a solid state drive (SSD). They let your operating system run faster and smoother, preventing lags and hesitation. And they’re lightning fast, too, as they skip the mechanism spin that a traditional hard drive (HDDs) needs. This results in speeds up to 100 times faster than HDDs. But SSDs aren’t just for gamers, they increase your PC or Mac’s speed, transfer files faster, boot quicker, and runs apps faster.

Samsung recently announced that they’ll be released their latest SSD—the 870 Evo. Let’s take a look at some of its specifications and what they mean.

Samsung 870 Evo

Samsung 870 Evo on a white background

Samsung’s 870 Evo will reach high speeds

The 870 Evo features Samsung’s V-NAND and controller, enabling it to reach read and write speeds of 560 and 530 MB/s. And to further excel its performance and main its peak levels, the SSD uses an Intelligent TurboWrite technology. In fact, it’ll deliver a 38% improvement in read speeds compared to the previous 860 model. Therefore, you can use the 870 Evo for browsing the internet, multi-tasking, or simply booting your PC

And it’s available in various capacities: 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, and 4 TB, with the maximum capacity storing up to 100 of your favorite games. 

And Samsung’s 870 Evo has an endurance rating of 150 TBW for 250 GB, 200 TBW for 500 GB, 600 TBW for 1 TB, 1200 TBW for 2 TB, and 2400 TBW for 4 TB. Alternatively, the brand will offer a warranty of up to five years. These are impressive promises given that the average user will write 10–35 GB on an average day.

Samsung 870 Evo

Samsung 870 Evo in someone’s hand

Offers excellent compatibility

Furthermore, 870 Evo boasts versatile compatibility, working with any device that uses a 2.5-inch SATA interface connection. And boasting a power-saving sleep mode, this SSD is also compatible with devices that use Window’s Modern Standby function. Therefore, PC users can also use the 870 EVO.

And we saved one of our favorite highlights until the end: Samsung will minimize its carbon footprint during the production process—something we’re excited to see in 2021.

Are you interested in Samsung’s 870 Evo? Prices start at $50 for 250 GB, and it’ll be available later this month. Share your feedback in the comments.

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