A San Francisco Startup is Developing a Portable Device that will Detect Gluten in Food

A San Francisco Startup is Developing a Portable Device that will Detect Gluten in Food

If you, or anyone you know, have been unfortunately blessed with Celiac Disease, then you understand how difficult it can be to eat food that won’t harm your insides. Seems easy enough, right? Just don’t eat food that isn’t compatible with your body. For many, it isn’t so foolproof. With Celiac Disease, even the slightest bit of gluten can result in unfortunate, and sometimes life-threatening, side effects. Whether you’re eating out with friends, or making food at home, it’s important for anyone struggling with a gluten intolerance to steer clear of gluten products. This can prove difficult because of possible cross-contamination in restaurants and factories. Thankfully, there is a company that is trying to make living the gluten-free life less of a hassle.

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6SensorLabs is the product of two gluten intolerant MIT graduates with a mission: to help anyone struggling with a gluten allergy to struggle a little bit less. They’ve developed a sensor, smaller than an iPhone, that will essentially scan your meal for any gluten product. It will help prevent the accidental consumption of gluten, which should lead to a decrease in the number of ill physical reactions.

The Founder of 6SensorLabs, Shireen Yates, notes that the company’s aim is to make the device appealing to its users in both style and functionality. However, There’s no word on the specifics of the device as of yet. It is worth noting that there will be an accompanying app for your smart phone. With the app, you’ll be able to communicate with other users, discuss restaurants and food, and keep a record of restaurants with good (or not so good) options for the gluten avoiders.

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For anyone that is gluten sensitive and struggling with food, 6SensorLabs offers an informational blog on the subject of gluten, Celiac Disease, and gluten sensitivity. It’s a good read- I mean, did you know that the adhesive on envelopes is made from wheat? Or that lip balms may contain gluten? I sure didn’t. Keep checking back for updates on this device-it could help save a life… or just make finding gluten- free foods a little bit easier.

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