Sense Promises To Be the Best Sleep Tracker Ever and Will Look Incredibly Good on Your Nightstand

Sense Promises To Be the Best Sleep Tracker Ever and Will Look Incredibly Good on Your Nightstand

Sleep is the most important thing you can get and gadgets, unfortunately, take that away from you. However, sleep trackers take so many different forms nowadays, from just apps on your smartphone to smartwatches. I’ve tried the sleep tracking apps, they work ok but sleeping with my phone under my pillow makes me a little nervous, I worry about squishing my phone. Probably not a valid fear but still, I feel like a proper sleep tracker would work in a better way by being more useful and less disturbing.


If Apple Made A Sleep Tracker?

Rather than making something that you have to wear, Sense uses multiple parts to provide a more streamlined experience. Instead of forcing you to wear a product that has to stay on your wrist or an app that needs to be on your phone while you’re sleeping, Sense goes on your nightstand. You get a nice spherical, lighted device that sits on your nightstand with the Sleeping Pill tucked into your pillow. The result is a hassle free set up that you only have to do once and then don’t have to worry about again until you change pillows. It also looks incredible, it catches your eye without being obvious as to what it does.

So Sense does the typical motion tracking through an accelerometer and a gyroscope in the Sleeping Pill that an app can use the sensors in any smartphone.What makes it so different?


The Intelligence

Sense has a bunch of different features that no other device can boast. It can track light, temperature, sound, it even has a speaker that can play white noise if necessary. The standout sensor is the particle sensor, they really have tried to cover every potential distraction. It can detect pollen that might be causing you irritation in your sleep. No other sleep tracker can do that and it’s one of the most obvious irritants in certain climates. I live in one currently, the pollen shower is very reliable and strong in my region.

In the end, without a proper user interface, none of this will work so the app makes or breaks the experience. From what I can tell, the app is clean, beautiful, and intelligent. The design is simple but not minimalistic, it provides information with charts and images but also in text in order to better explain the possible confusion of all the information.

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