ShaveFace Introduces The Strop, Extending the Life of Your Razor

ShaveFace Introduces The Strop, Extending the Life of Your Razor

If you’re passionate about keeping your beard line clean, your face clean- shaven, or heck- if you’re a barber, then you probably already use a razor strop. To be entirely honest, I had no idea what a strop is until recently. What is a razor strop anyway, you might be asking? It’s a strip of canvas or leather that you rub your straight razor across to keep the blades straight and sharp. It’s perfect for guaranteeing a “brand new” razor feel when shaving with a not-so-new razor. One Kickstarter company, ShaveFace, is hoping to incorporate a modern razor strop into the every day gentleman’s shaving ritual with the simply-named: The Strop.

The Strop is sleek, it’s portable, and it will save you money on razors in the long term. You don’t need fancy or expensive razors because disposable razors will work just fine. This item is economic as you can keep it around for years of beard and razor care. Why be wasteful if you don’t have to?

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Since I don’t usually shave my face, it’s never occurred to me that a razor strop could benefit me, or anyone else who doesn’t shave their face either. Ladies, this can benefit you too. If you use a razor at all, you can utilize The Strop to extend the life of your favorite razors, keeping your skin safe from hair tugging and nicks (for the most part anyway). You can have smooth legs and use the same disposable razor for weeks!
how to shave with the strop

Some tips for a good, close shave: keep your razor clean and sharp, use a shaving cream with a high concentration of lubricants, and moisturize your skin after shaving. You can read a little bit more about this here.
Keeping your skin clean-shaven doesn’t have to be expensive, but your skin is an investment, and should be treated like one. Although it can’t provide you with the perfect shave, The Strop can help you achieve it. It all starts with a clean and sharp razor, after all.

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