Sidekick Will Backup and Charge Your Phone When You Need It Most

Sidekick Will Backup and Charge Your Phone When You Need It Most

Imagine for a moment that you’re in a strange city at dusk. Due to unforeseen events, you are going to have to stay overnight. You haven’t got a hotel booked, but that’s okay — you can find one using your smartphone. Except, you forgot the curse of modern technology. For all the pixels and processors, our devices are useless without power. When you need it most, Sidekick will help. This pocket device will charge your phone at top speed, and it can back up your data to flash storage.

– Charger provides off-grid power from internal battery or any AA / C / D sized battery

– Built-in sync cable lets you charge your phone from the nearest USB outlet

– Back up and transfer data via Sidekick with up to 64GB of flash storage

Charge Your Phone

It takes precious percentage points to hail an Uber. You can say the same of sending important emails and checking your flight. Most of the time, you will have enough battery to cover these chores. But the one time when you need it most, you can be sure that your phone will die.

It was just such an event that inspired Sidekick. This EDC (everyday carry) device doesn’t try to compete with the capacity of bulky power banks. It’s just there for a quick boost at a critical moment.

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As such, the charger offers three ways to charge your device. It also has built-in storage, so you can transfer files in a hurry. All this from a device that lives on your keychain.

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Instant Energy

Sidekick looks much like an oversized flash drive. Inside the premium aluminum case — there are three colors to choose from — you will find a 300mAh li-ion battery.

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“That’s not much,” you might be thinking. Well sure, you won’t get many laps on Real Racing. But Sidekick can give you an extra two hours of normal use. That’s all you need for summoning help and ordering the all-important aftermath pizza.

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Furthermore, this clever device is pretty adaptable. Should the internal battery run out, you can switch to cell power. Sidekick pulls apart to reveal some magnetic battery terminals, made from neodymium. You can use any AA, C, or D-sized battery here to charge your phone.

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If things aren’t quite that desperate, you can always use the charger as a regular USB cable. And yes, it will work with your particular phone — Lightning, USB Type-C, and microUSB versions are available.

Extra Storage

Aside from battery power, storage space is the other commodity that can easily run dry. Once again, Sidekick has you covered.

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The device has internal flash storage for photos, movies, documents, and whatever else you need to store. The base model offers 8GB of space, while the top model has 64GB. In addition, early backers on Kickstarter can grab the limited-edition 128GB version.

“We know mAh is important to our backers, and it’s important to us. But the fact is, capacity comes at a cost… size. At Flintu we ask the question: what use is a 20k mAh bank if it’s not on you 24/7?”

“The dead phone issue is as prevalent today as it’s ever been. People are still getting caught out without charge. This fact tells us the problem isn’t properly being addressed — the key is portability and versatility” — Flintu on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

An emergency charger that is small enough to take anywhere.

Future Designs

The option to use removable media for storage would be very welcome.


– Kickstarter: Until December 7th

– Pledge: $49 USD

– Delivery: December 2018

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