Simple Snap™ Eradicates the Grueling Installation Process With an Easy to Use iPhone and iPad Screen Protector

Simple Snap™ Eradicates the Grueling Installation Process With an Easy to Use iPhone and iPad Screen Protector

Over the course of time, there has been a remarkable progress in the iPhone and iPad accessories industry with a range of fancy as well as noteworthy products trying to enhance your experience with the smartphone sector as a whole. From hosting camera shutters to high-quality waterproof materials, the iPhone cases alone have like become an individual experimental section. While this may have reduced the overall expenditure on iPhone damage that was said to have been around $5.9B in 2012, there still happens to be a quarter of iPhones which have been damaged due to broken screens. It’s not that we don’t have screen protectors out there but the problems they pose during installation is often the reason why we don’t choose to have one.

Firstly, the tension comes during alignment of the protector on the screen which then follows with constant removal and repositioning that ultimately brings nothing but air bubbles and unnecessary dust particles on the protector’s sticky surface. Boom goes your intention of having a protector and there ends the story of using one forever. But if you look at this recent IndieGoGo campaign from ReVamp Electronics, your opinion on screen protectors may face a change due to its extraordinary patent-pending technology in adhering the protector perfectly on the iPhone or iPad surface right in the first go. Simple Snap is just like the way it sounds – a simplified version of screen protection you’d never wish to part with.

The Mold Design is What Enables Precision During Installation

Coming with a guarantee for life, the Simple Snap screen protectors not only concentrates on providing high-end quality but also provides an exceptionally easy to use method of installation which is often neglected amongst general screen protectors available out there. The magic in installation is done using a disposable mold that fits perfectly around the device. All you need to do is fit it rightly across your device until it snaps off and leaves the protector perfectly fit around the screen with a precision of 0.1mm. The flawless and simple lock design is where lies the major attraction behind this modern screen protector available both for your iPhone and iPads. In an interview with ChicagoInno, CEO Anant Handa had said, “We designed Simple Snap to be different – it fits devices like a second skin, and is fingerprint-resistant thanks to Oleophobic materials. The custom mold will change the device protection industry.” With that effective process of installation in use, even we think that this is definitely a device that can revolutionize the screen protection industry to a large extent.

Effortless screen protection from Simple Snap

Silently Protecting Your Phone From Any Screen Damage

Talking about the 90 second installation process, it’s important to stress on the fact that it’s both bubble free with 99.99% transmittance and clarity. The process breaks down in three steps, the first being of cleaning the screen with a microfibre cloth. Next comes the clean paster which makes your iPhone devoid of any air bubbles or unnecessary dirt particles and keeps it ready for accepting the protector on its surface. Finally, all that’s needed to be done is to remove the bottom film of the protector and place it on the phone’s surface until the mold snaps off the surface. Once done, remove the upper film of the protector and you’re all set to explore the digital world in a more screen protected way.

Screen Protector called Simple Snap

The protector is available in two versions – the HD-Anti Fingerprint and the Tempered Glass version, both of which are recyclable and have been extra protected with anti-scratch properties. The HD-Anti Fingerprint version is oleophobic and comes with ultra high transmittance as well. Currently supporting iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Mini and iPad Air, the future prospects of the product lies in releasing versions for the latest iPhone and iPad models as well as for Samsung Galaxy and Amazon Fire Phone. With their IndieGoGo campaign on the rise, it doesn’t seem to be a far-fetched goal anymore. As they rightly say on their campaign, Simple Snap is indeed a screen protector so simple it’s a snap. Happy Gadgeting!

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