SitGo: Portable, Easy-to-Charge Electric Bike

SitGo: Portable, Easy-to-Charge Electric Bike

Electric bikes are the latest must-haves for urban dwellers. They provide flexible support when navigating around the city. SitGo, a transportation technology startup, aims to take that level of support one step further with the release of their own version of an electric bike.

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Maximum Portability

The SitGo packs a ton of features that can help you become more productive. The 20-kg bike is light and foldable, down to a small package that can fit inside most trunks. You can even commute with it on crowded trains. Folding it out only takes three steps, which includes clamping down the wheel and handles.

“Arguably, it resembles more an electric scooter than bike, by way of a pair of fold-out pegs in place of conventional pedals and a chain,” wrote Nick Lavars from Gizmag. “This means the vehicle is propelled entirely by a 180 W brushless hub motor and a 36 V lithium battery, with a claimed top speed of 25 km/h (15 mph) and range of 35 to 40 km (21.7 to 25 mi).”

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Robust Charging Options

There are several options for charging the device. You can use wall outlets, or a car cigarette lighter port. This is the most important feature of the bike. Essentially, you don’t have to rely on traditional methods, and with cars being more remotely accessible than outlets, you don’t have to retreat to a building just to charge your pod. You can stay out for longer periods of time without worrying about finding a power source!

Furthermore, you have the option to charge your smartphone or any handheld device via USB port on the bike. There is also a 360-degree phone stand near the handlebars. An additional safety feature are the blinking LED lights found under the seat and in front of the frame of the unit. It can be set to stay on, or to flicker when riding in the dark.

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