Slumber sheets are the ultimate in bedtime comfort

As the summer heat reaches full power, many of us struggle to sleep. These breathable sheets should provide some cool relief.

Slumber sheets are the ultimate in bedtime comfort
  • What is the secret to a good night’s sleep? Giving yourself time to relax and keeping a consistent bedtime routine are both important.
  • What is the optimum temperature for sleeping? Your bedroom should be between 60°F and 67°F for the best chance of sleep.
  • How do you stay cool in bed? Your bedding can make all the difference. Slumber sheets help you stay cool in the summer months.

There are many reasons to like summer. For those few precious months each year, blue skies and barbecues dominate the agenda. This is the season for relaxing on a beach or singing around the campfire as the evening light slowly fades.

But for all the sunshine, summer isn’t perfect. As the mercury rises, we all get a little uncomfortable. This is particularly problematic at night — it’s difficult to sleep when you’re sweating.

If you struggle to sleep in the summer months, you might want to try Slumber sheets. Made from premium Egyptian cotton, they are much more breathable (and durable) than regular bedding.

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Cool and comfortable

What is different about Egyptian cotton?

In comparison with the cotton in your shirt, Egyptian cotton has much longer fibers. This makes for a finer yarn that feels soft to the touch. In addition, the material is more durable than regular cotton. As a result, you won’t get any pilling, even after years of use.

The Slumber sheets take full advantage of these benefits. They are made with certified 100% Egyptian cotton, with a unique Percale weave.

[tweet_box]Made from premium Egyptian cotton, Slumber sheets are much more breathable and durable than regular bedding.[/tweet_box]

The material is remarkably breathable, and the special weave allows excess body heat to escape in the warmer months. Consequently, you stay comfortably cool all night long.

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Super soft

The other nice thing about these sheets is that they are totally natural. This cotton is not only organic, but also OEKO-Tex certified. In other words, Slumber sheets are completely free from harmful chemicals.

Bedtime comfort

Each pack of Slumber bedding includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and a pair of pillowcases. Upgrade to the Slumber Plus set, and you also get a duvet cover and two shams. Both sets come in four different sizes:  twin, full, queen, and king.

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King size comfort

As an added bonus, every set comes with a bottle of Lavender Sleep Mist. You can use this spray on your sheets to freshen them up each night. The mist helps to kill bacteria, while the lavender scent should help you relax.

Affordable Egyptian cotton sheets

In general, Egyptian cotton sheets are more expensive than the regular cotton sheets. Due to the durability of that African cotton, it’s usually a worthwhile investment.

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Sheets and pillow cases

Because the Slumber Team sell direct, these sheets are even better value. With sets starting at $80, anyone can afford this little luxury.

“Something that envelops your body each night shouldn’t feel coarse or uncomfortable. Slumber sheets are 100% certified Egyptian cotton, intricately woven for the smoothest sleep experience you’ve ever had.”

“Say goodbye to those annoying little balls that pill up on your sheets after washes and use. Slumber sheets are woven with extra-long cotton fibers for softer material, fewer exposed ends, and reduced snagging and pilling.” — Slumber on IndieGoGo

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Easy to slip on

The best parts

Well, being able to sleep at night is obviously a huge bonus. Furthermore, these sheets should last for years.

Future designs

It would be nice if you could buy the sheets individually. But otherwise, there isn’t much to critique.


– IndieGoGo: Until 9th July

– Pledge: $80 USD

– Delivery: August 2018

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