SmartHalo 2 is the ultimate smart cycling assistant

All modern cars have a long list of features that are designed to help the driver. The same can’t be said for most bikes. SmartHalo 2 is a smart cycling assistant that adds GPS, security, activity tracking, and more to any bicycle.

SmartHalo 2 is the ultimate smart cycling assistant
SmartHalo 2 smart cycling assistant
  • What is the best way to protect your bike? Keep it locked and add an alarm. No thief is going to hang around to see if anyone looks.
  • How can you store a bike in an apartment? There are many creative solutions for storing your bike, including wall-mounted racks.
  • How do you get directions when cycling? You can use either your phone or a dedicated GPS device such as SmartHalo 2.

Drivers of cars have had the luxury of dedicated GPS systems for decades now. In contrast, cyclists have a much harder time navigating. Some mount their smartphone to their handlebars and consult Google Maps, while others simply memorize the route. Neither of these options is very satisfactory. Now, at long last, there is a better solution. SmartHalo 2 is a smart cycling assistant that provides directions you can see at a glance. It also doubles as an on-board computer, smart home controller and security aid.

What is a smart cycling assistant?

You can think of SmartHalo 2 as much like the intelligent voice assistant on your phone. The difference is, this device is made for cycling rather than productivity.

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SmartHalo 2 is your smart cycling assistant

SmartHalo 2 mounts in the center of your handlebars. It is fairly small and round in shape, with a ring of lights decorating the top. When you tell the device your destination, these LEDs come to life. They act like turn signals, guiding you towards your target.

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Get directions via simple turn signals

In the center of the circle is a small display. This can provide an array of useful information, such as the speed at which you are traveling and the distance you have covered. In fact, SmartHalo 2 works beautifully as an on-board computer.

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Smart features

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SmartHalo 2 is more than a GPS

So far, we have covered the kind of features you might expect from a smart cycling assistant. But SmartHalo 2 has much more left to give.

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SmartHalo 2 makes cycling safer

For starters, the device protects your parked bike with a 110dB alarm. Even if a thief was willing to risk being caught, they probably couldn’t stand the noise.

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The built-in light offers 250 lumens

On the road, SmartHalo 2 provides extra lighting at night. The forward-facing LEDs kick out an impressive 250 lumens.

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Use your voice to control SmartHalo 2

Even more impressively, the device lets you check the weather, control your smart home devices and ask for traffic updates with your voice. It’s like having Google strapped to your bike.

“Designed by cyclists, for cyclists; SmartHalo 2 is the all-in-one connected device that breathes life into your bike.”

“Our patented, luminous halo gives you just what you need, at a glance. It lights up in the direction of your turns. When you’re aiming for that fitness achievement, your progress bar fills up. When receiving an incoming call, it pulsates like a heartbeat – a loved one is calling. This is not another overly complex bike computer.” — SmartHaloTechnologies on Indiegogo

What we ❤️

For regular riders, SmartHalo 2 is long overdue. This smart cycling assistant makes cycling easier and safer, while also tracking your fitness and providing useful information.

Future designs

With a rating of IP66, SmartHalo 2 is termed “weatherproof.” The question is, would it survive being left in a storm? Probably, but we will only know for sure when the first units arrive!


– Indiegogo: Pre-order now

– Pledge: $129 USD

– Delivery: December 2019

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