10 Smart gadgets for all the sports enthusiasts

While some people like to relax, sports enthusiasts would much rather be getting active. Whether you enjoy carving through snow or smashing tennis balls across the net, these smart gadgets should improve the experience.

10 Smart gadgets for all the sports enthusiasts
  • What are the best fitness gadgets of 2019? We actually have a dedicated Fitness category for home gyms, yoga mats, and more.
  • Which sports do fitness trackers work with? Depends on your device. Most can handle running and cycling; others can cope with swimming, ball sports, and action sports.
  • How can technology improve my game? It could be through better equipment, smart training tech, or even recovery aids.

Some people like to spend their evenings and weekends watching movies or shopping. But for sports enthusiasts, getting active is a way of life. No matter what your chosen discipline, these smart gadgets should improve your game.

Domio Helmet Audio Device

When you need to wear head protection for action sports, Domio will turn your helmet into a speaker. It’s a great way to enjoy your favorite tunes while remaining alert to people around you.

Price: $129 USD

Garmin Approach Z80 Golf GPS Laser Range Finder

In golf, a few yards in either direction makes a big difference. The Approach Z80 lets you measure the exact distance to the pin, anywhere within 320 yards. It’s accurate to within 10 inches.

Price: $499.99 USD

[tweet_box]No matter which sports you enjoy, these smart gadgets should improve your game[/tweet_box]

Nexersys Smart Boxing Unit

Whether you enjoy boxing for fitness or you’re king of the ring, Nexersys is your ultimate sparring partner. This smart device tracks your workout and uses on-screen games to keep you motivated.

Price: $2,295 USD

Swish Portable Basketball Hoop

Swish lets you set up a game of basketball anywhere. The kit includes a full-size hoop with straps, and a full-size ball. You can carry the hoop like a backpack and strap it to any tall post.

Price: $39.95 USD

InsideCoach Connected Smart Soccer Ball

Want to be the next Messi or Ronaldo? InsideCoach can help. This soccer ball contains many sensors, and it connects wirelessly to your phone to provide useful training data.

Price: $149 USD

Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine

Rowing is both a social sport and a good way to get fit. This connected rowing machine lets you train at home with prerecorded river visuals, making it feel authentic.

Price: $1,999 USD

Jaybird RUN XT True Wireless Sport Headphones

No matter what your workout looks like, the RUN XT headphones will keep the tunes flowing. They are sweat- and water-resistant, lightweight, and able to provide 12 hours of playback with the supplied charging case.

Price: $179.99 USD

Tennibot Robotic Tennis Ball Collector

To be good at tennis, you need to hit a lot of balls. Tennibot is a helpful robot that rolls around the court, picking up all the balls you have dispatched across the net.

Price: $675 USD, pre-order

Moov Now Personal Fitness Tracker

Whether you enjoy running, swimming, boxing, cycling, or some other sport, the Moov Now will track your efforts. This wearable is impervious to sweat and dust, and it has a battery life of six months.

Price: $59.95 USD

Kingii Wearable Flotation Bag

This wearable device is a safety net for anyone who swims in open water, including surfers. If you find yourself in trouble, simply pull the lever and Kingii will inflate a flotation bag in seconds using a CO2 cartridge.

Price: $89.99 USD

Smart gadgets for sports enthusiasts

We love getting active at Gadget Flow, and we know many of you share our passion for sport.

What smart gadgets do you take to training? Share your wisdom in the comments!

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