The state of smart home gadgets – Should you invest right now?

The options for smart home gadgets on the market are seemingly endless. Every day, something new is released that is guaranteed to make your life better and make your day easier. But with so many options and so many new ones arriving constantly, how do you know when it's time to dive in?

The state of smart home gadgets – Should you invest right now?
Ring Elite Video Monitoring Doorbell / Image Credits: Ring

Even the most tech-savvy of people struggle with when and which smart home gadgets to invest in. With so many options, it can be hard to know where to even start. The categories are endless, and every user’s needs are different.

Some people want whatever is the latest and greatest above all else. Some people like to wait until others have tested the water. They want to see if the technology is a flash in the pan or if it’s something that will be integrated into daily life. Some wait until cheaper technology becomes available.

Whatever your preferences and whichever category you fall into, you’re probably looking at smart home tech. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit have made integrating smart home gadgets into your life more accessible and easier than ever. But where do you start?

The state of smart home gadgets

From air quality to security to science-fiction gadgets we only dreamed about, there’s a bit of home tech for anyone. And at Gadget Flow, we’re here to help you get started. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites. But do you need to invest now or wait it out?

ROCKUBOT Mite & Bacteria -Eliminating Robot

For a lot of us, cleanliness is next to godliness. But finding the time to make sure everything is spick-and-span is yet another task on an already endless list of tasks to complete for home and work. Many cleaning robots on the market only sweep, but the ROCKUBOT takes it a step further with UV-C light and ultrasonic waves to eliminate mites and bacteria. And it doesn’t just take care of the floor. You can place it on furniture as well. This is definitely an investment worth making now.

Facebook Portal TV Smart Video Chatting Device

Our lives are more global than ever before, thanks to modern technology. Many of us are constantly traveling and have friends and family strewn across the world. The Facebook Portal TV Smart Video Chatting Device hooks up to your existing TV and allows you to video chat through your TV. The AI even tracks your movements around the room. While we think this smart home gadget is fantastic and could be super convenient, it doesn’t feel like a must-have right now with all of the other devices most of us already own. We’d suggest waiting on this one.

greensens Smart Houseplant Sensors

A bit of greenery brightens up any space. Not to mention, it’s great for the environment. But if you have a black thumb, you’ve likely tried and failed over and over to keep your houseplants alive. With the addition of greensens Smart Houseplant Sensors, you can turn that black thumb into a green thumb. The sensors monitor soil moisture, ambient temperature, and light conditions. Given how much time many of us spend indoors and the low cost of entry for the greensens, it’s safe to put this home tech in the buy-now category.

Phyn Smart Water Assistant

Owning a home can simultaneously be the best and worst thing ever. When the unexpected occurs, it can set you back endless amounts of time and money. With Phyn, you can easily monitor at least one of the many disasters that can occur in your home—a leak in your water pipes. Phyn immediately detects leaks and will notify you via your smartphone. It’ll also alert you if there is a risk of your pipes freezing. If you’re traveling, own a vacation home, or manage properties, Phyn could be a potential lifesaver. Verdict? Invest now.

Danby Parcel Guard Secure Smart Mailbox

Amazon is the quickest and easiest way to shop these days. But what happens when you’re going to get packages delivered and can’t be home to receive them? No one wants to leave boxes hanging out on their front porch for people to steal. And thanks to the Danby Parcel Guard Secure Smart Mailbox, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. With how much we order online nowadays, this is a must-have investment right now.

Herbitat Smart Hydroponic Indoor Garden

As the population in the world rises, space decreases. And if you live in a city, there’s virtually no way to have a garden. Until now. Herbitat gives you the option to grow an indoor garden so you can have fresh produce and herbs at your fingertips year-round. Or, if you have the room for a garden but want to eat fresh year-round, Herbitat is here for that too. While it’s not a necessity in your home, it’s definitely something to consider investing in.

Sevenhugs Smart Remove X All-in-One Controller

If you’re anything like us here at Gadget Flow, smart home devices are probably packed into every nook and cranny of your living space. And with all of that home tech comes a lot of remotes–a lot of remotes to lose. What if you could have one remote to rule them all? Well, now you can with Sevenhugs. Control everything from your lights to your TV to your doorbell with one remote. You’ll absolutely want to run out and buy this remote immediately.

Urbie Air 3-in-1 Advanced Indoor Air Purifier

Climate change and air quality are hot topics right now and will likely be long into the future. And with so many people with asthma and other breathing issues, the air we breathe is definitely high on the lists of concerns. Urbie helps alleviate those concerns in your home, giving you the most comfortable air. We love the fact that it uses a plant as part of the process, combining home tech with nature. However, this is one you could wait on if you already have other air purifiers and filters in place.

Roborock S6 Smart Robot Vacuum Mopper

We’ve already covered a smart cleaning bot on the list, but the Roborock is in a different category. The ROCKUBOT and it’s furniture-cleaning capabilities are out of this world, but Roborock is king for your floors. Not only can it sweep high pile rugs, but it can also handle liquid messes. With this, you might never have to clean your floors on your own again, and that sounds pretty nifty. The downfall? There’s a pretty steep cost of entry. If you can afford it, we vote to add it to your Christmas list. If not, you’re safe waiting.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Rainbow Smart Speaker

Amazon Alexa is quickly becoming another family member for most people. Children are learning to communicate with technology at younger and younger ages. With that comes the fear that they will be a little too connected or access something they shouldn’t be accessing. With the Echo Dot Kids Edition, parents can ease those worries. If you have kids and you have smart home gadgets, this is a device that needs to be on your invest-now list.

Ayi AI-Powered Smart Mirror

If you’re a fan of Star Trek, you’ve likely wondered what it would be like to have Captain Picard’s tech at your fingertips. Wait no more with Ayi. This AI-powered smart mirror will fulfill your nerdiest fantasies and impress your friends. It’s also super-useful. With Ayi, you’ll practically have a personal assistant to help you manage your day, your home, and your health. But do you need it? You’re probably safe to wait.

OmiSonic Wireless Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

Water conservation is an important issue right now, and rightfully so. Many people are trying to figure out how to use less water in their daily lives. OmiSonic has a solution for this. It can handle a load of hand-wash-only items using just 2.2 percent of the water a washing machine uses. It’s also incredibly convenient for hard-to-get-out stains with its superior cleaning power. Verdict? Not a bad addition to your collection of smart home gadgets.

Ring Elite Video-Monitoring Doorbell

Smart doorbells are becoming more and more popular. And for good reason. The safety and security and peace of mind they provide is important. One of the issues with these doorbells is that the Wi-Fi connection can be unreliable and spotty. Ring’s Elite Video-Monitoring Doorbell has the solution. This smart doorbell runs off of Ethernet, so you can be sure you’ll have a strong connection. We think you should hook your front door up with this ASAP.

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

For many of us, our pets are our children. And just like children, pets typically need to be fed at set times. But unlike small children, your pets can be left at home alone while you’re working. Some pets are fine with grazing…and some are not. For those who gobble everything up as soon as it’s down, PetSafe has the solution with their automatic pet feeder. The feeder connects to your wi-fi and allows you to set a schedule for feeding, or you can feed throughout the day at your discretion. It’s certainly a home gadget that would be useful for many, but is it a necessity to invest in? Probably not.

Kohler Konnect Sensate Smart Kitchen Sink Faucet

You’re likely thinking, “A smart kitchen faucet? But why?” How many times have you gone into the kitchen with your hands covered in who knows what? Likely, a lot. The last thing you want to do is spread all of that dirt and grime and those germs all over the faucet and handles trying to clean up. Kohler’s Smart Kitchen Sink Faucet is the perfect solution. It connects to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit to utilize voice commands. Need to dispense a precise amount of water? Just tell it to pour you one cup. The downfall? At $875, there’s a huge cost of entry for the convenience. This is definitely home tech you can wait to invest in.

U by Moen Smart Shower

The shower of the future is here. Remember that talk about Star Trek earlier? Well, this is the shower you’ll want if you’re invested in surrounding yourself with otherworldly tech. Moen’s Smart Shower is next-level. It connects to Amazon Alexa and can be customized to your temperature and water pressure preferences, so you have the perfect shower every time. There’s probably not a dire need to go out and redo your bathroom for one right now, but if you’re planning a remodel, give this one some solid consideration.

Wyze Bulb LED Wi-Fi Light

Remember family vacation when you were little? All the prep your parents went through? They had to make sure someone got the mail, took out the trash, fed the pets… And turned on the lights to make sure it looked like someone was home at night. And then went over in the morning to turn them off again. Now, with the Wyze Bulb LED Wi-Fi Light, there’s no need to worry about your house being dark at night when you’re gone. These lights have vacation mode to ward off anyone who might be watching your home. They also have a ton of different light settings and are energy efficient. Our verdict? Invest and replace all your out-dated bulbs with these.

These are just a few of the many smart home gadgets you can purchase. There’s no end to how high tech your house can be if you have the budget to do so. Did we miss anything? Do you have home tech you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments.


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