This Smart Lamp Is Alert to Your Every Need

This Smart Lamp Is Alert to Your Every Need

Smart lighting is changing the way we illuminate our homes. Being able to set a schedule and control brightness from your phone is clearly a benefit. The LumiCharge Smart Lamp takes things one step further, reacting to your presence and even charging your smartphone.

– Stylish LED lamp has 10 different brightness settings

– Built-in motion sensor detects your presence after dark to light your path

– Charging port in the base can be used to top up phones and tablets

A very smart lamp

As any student in your life can testify, slaving over textbooks is never enjoyable. To make matters worse, many lamps struggle in daylight and dazzle after dark. After your eighth cup of coffee, it can feel like the text is being tattooed onto your retina.

LumiCharge seeks to make things more comfortable. This stylish lamp has ten brightness settings to choose from, and three different hues. You can easily angle the light, and the arm has a small display that shows the time and temperature.

smart lamp review

These features also make LumiCharge well suited to bedtime reading. The base acts as a charging dock for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. You simply turn the front-facing wheel to switch between the different connectors.

smart lamp

[tweet_box]This smart lamp has ten brightness settings and three different hues[/tweet_box]

In addition, LumiCharge has an integrated motion sensor. When you get up to use the bathroom or do some late-night cramming, the lamp lights your path. It also has two extra USB ports at the back and an alarm function.

smart lamp review

“LumiCharge is a smart LED desk lamp designed to support your connected lifestyle, while keeping your work space free of unwanted cables.” — LumiCharge on IndieGoGo

What we ❤️

Combining an intelligent lamp with a clock and a smartphone charger frees up a lot of desk space.

smart lamp review

Future designs

It’s currently available in black or white – more colors please!


LumiCharge is currently raising funds for production via IndieGoGo, and you can pre-order the lamp now for $69. Shipping is expected to commence by the end of 2017.

Where would you use LumiCharge? Submit your ideas in the comments!

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