These two smart projectors from CES 2021 are fancy and super functional

Invest in smart projectors with CES 2021's two new releases: WooBloo SMASH and ASUS ZeamBeam Latte. Both display images up to 120 inches and feature music and movie modes. Continue reading to explore more specifications about both devices.

These two smart projectors from CES 2021 are fancy and super functional
ASUS ZenBeam Latte smart projector

Smart projectors are a convenient way to watch content from your phone on a big screen. They devoid the need to hunch over your device, strain your eyes, or stretch out your arms to share videos with other people.

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CES 2021 disclosed two new smart projectors that are super functional: WooBloo SMASH and ASUS ZenBeam Latte. Both of which are easy to use, and most importantly, let you take your movies and music with you wherever you go.

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WooBloo SMASH on a table

Watch movies and listen to music with these smart projectors

Both smart projectors pride themselves on image quality. With both devices sporting 300 LED lumens of brightness—around three times that of a traditional portable projector—, you can become engulfed in the content. And both have a display of up to 120 inches, with ASUS’ version starting at 40 inches and WooBloo’s beginning at 30 inches.

You can use both smart projectors to watch movies—with access to built-in apps, such as Netflix, Prime, and Hulu—and listen to music. Conveniently use Bluetooth on both for streamlined connectivity or use wireless mirroring support to transfer files from your device to the projector.

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ASUS ZenBeam Latte next to a phone

WooBloo SMASH is the first projector with built-in Alexa

Skip a track, pause a movie, play a song, and more with the assistance of Amazon Alexa. SMASH also features far-field voice recognition for the ultimate convenience when addressing your commands.

SMASH features 360º surround sound and a four-inch LED display

But the truth lies in the smart projector’s sound quality. Featuring 360º surround sound, dual surround speakers, and 10W passive radiators, SMASH provides an immersive experience. And echo-noise cancelation prevents audio distortion, so you can play music or watch movies with high audio quality. Plus, the 30-hour battery life in music mode prevents you from having to pause to charge the device.

SMASH offers a four-inch display that’s powered by DLP technology for bright colors and contracts. Furthermore, it also includes an Auto Focus mode to automatically adjust the image’s focus for clear footage. Not only is this great for watching movies but presenting slideshows at the office, too.

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WooBloo SMASH in a living room

ASUS ZenBeam Latte boasts three audio modes

ZenBeam Latte‘s main highlight is its audio quality. With a Harman Kardon 10 W speaker, it makes you feel like you’re right in the heart of the action. And the Latte even comes with three audio modes: movie, music, and gaming. Therefore, you can tailor the audio to your content. Best of all, its cylindrical shape improves sound transmission, while the fabric exterior enhances sound penetration.

ZenBeam Latte produces clear images and has a portable design

You’ll quickly fall in love with ZeamBeam Latte’s quality, which is why it’s the size of a coffee cup, so you can take it everywhere with you. Moreover, it boasts a 12-hour battery life when used as a speaker or three-hour power when projecting video content.

Firing out 720p images, ASUS designed this smart projector for movie-enthusiasts. There’s little else revealed about the image standards, but it seems that the device’s main focus is on sound quality.

smart projectors

ASUS ZenBeam Latte on a table

Overall, these smart projectors are a great addition to get together, and both double as a speaker. Which is best suited to you? WooBloo SMASH or ASUS ZenBeam Latte? Let us know your verdict in the comments.

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