Wallor 2.0 is the smart wallet you can track around the world

Losing your wallet is always a nightmare situation. But at least with the Wallor 2.0 GPS smart wallet, you can track your cards and cash around the world. This neat little bifold also doubles as a wireless charger.

Wallor 2.0 is the smart wallet you can track around the world
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  • How accurate is GPS tracking? It can pinpoint your location down to around 3 or 4 meters (10-13 feet).
  • Is there a smart wallet with GPS tracking? Absolutely, and it goes by the name of Wallor 2.0.

On the list of top traumatic experiences, losing your wallet must rank pretty highly — just behind losing your child or your phone. Of course, you can cancel your credit card and replace the cash. But there’s always that underlying worry that someone will clean out your bank account and steal your identity.

At least with the Wallor 2.0 smart wallet, you know exactly where your cards and cash have got to. This remarkable bifold offers real-time GPS tracking around the world, while protecting your cards from RFID fraud. You can even use AR to find your Wallor 2.0 at home.

What is GPS tracking?

Most of us are familiar with GPS. The “Global Positioning System” uses satellites to pinpoint your exact location on planet Earth. Every smartphone has this technology nowadays, meaning we can get accurate directions in Google Maps.

But Wallor 2.0 uses GPS for a different purpose. This smart wallet knows its own location at all times, and keeps you updated with this information via cell networks. As a result, you can easily track your Wallor wallet across the globe.

smart wallet 05

GPS tracking

Of course, GPS is only accurate to about 13 feet. This is great when you’re on the other side of the world, but less useful within your own home. When your Wallor wallet falls down the back of the sofa, you can use the companion app to find it. The app uses RFID and augmented reality to show you the direction and distance to your money.

smart wallet 02

Find your finances

Wallor 2.0 actually comes with some extra tracking stickers, meaning you can easily find all your valuables. Furthermore, the wallet can even help you find your smartphone. When your mobile device goes missing, simply press a button on the wallet to make the phone ring.

The best smart wallet ever?

smart wallet 02

Amazing features

It’s hard to believe, but Wallor 2.0 has yet more features to offer.

Available in four different styles, this smart wallet has a rechargeable power bank tucked away within sleek leather folds. This allows Wallor 2.0 to act as a pocket-sized wireless charger for your smartphone.

smart wallet 03

Wireless charging

The capacity of the battery varies depending on which version of Wallor you choose. The slimline Cardholder offers 1500mAh; the Bifold holds 2500mAh; while the Travel delivers 4000mAh with room for your passport.

“No more patting your pockets in panic trying to reassure yourself you still have your wallet. With real-time GPS tracking, you get notified with alerts whenever your wallet is moving away from you. You can easily track exactly where your wallet is and where it has been with our state of the art mapping system.” — Wallor Wearables on Kickstarter

Wonder wallet

smart wallet 04

The complete package

Is there anything this wallet can’t do? Well, it can’t stop bullets I guess. But Wallor 2.0 is one of the best multi-taskers we have ever seen.


– Kickstarter: Until November 22nd

– Pledge: $109 USD

– Delivery: May 2019

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