Snoring partner keeping you up? You need to try the QuietOn earbuds

Trying to sleep next to your snoring partner can be almost impossible. These noise-cancelling earbuds offer instant relief.

  • Is there a cure for snoring? Not exactly — but sleeping on your side, avoiding alcohol, and losing weight can all help.
  • What gadgets can help me sleep better? Check out our bedtime section for some inspiration.
  • What are the best earplugs for blocking snoring? The new QuietOn earbuds use active noise-cancellation to help you rest.

No-one means to snore. It’s a common but unfortunate condition that is caused by a slight obstruction in the nose or throat. Most of the time, it doesn’t really affect the person with the impediment. But for anyone else in the vicinity, sleep becomes nothing but an aspiration. Even burying your head under a thick pillow offers little respite from that loud, repetitive noise.

Thankfully, there is a solution. The new QuietOn earbuds use active noise-cancellation to make that awful sound fade away. You can also use them to block out the sound of traffic or turn down your over-talkative co-workers.

Why do people snore?

Some people snore for a few days during a cold. Others will always snore because they have a little too much tissue in their nasal cavity. The position in which you sleep can also make snoring more, or less, likely.

While this knowledge can be helpful, it doesn’t always lead to solutions. As a result, many of us face the choice of lying awake next to our partners or sleeping somewhere else.

The QuietOn earbuds allow you to avoid making this decision. Using sophisticated technology, they can turn loud snoring into a background hum. They are comfy enough to wear all night, and they offer 20 hours of battery life.

How to cope with a snoring partner

No, the answer isn’t to elbow them in the ribs.

snoring partner 03

Get some shuteye

You might also consider using regular foam earplugs, but these are very poor at blocking the deep sound of snoring. In contrast, the QuietOn buds are very effective at blocking sounds under 500 Hz.

The active noise-cancellation works by disrupting the snoring sound waves. By repeating the same audio in a different way, they trick your brain into hearing absolutely nothing. Although the QuietOn buds are optimized for one particular audible irritant, you can use them anywhere.

Noise-cancelling earbuds

snoring partner 02

Not just in the bed

With foam eartips and an ergonomic design, these noise-cancelling earbuds won’t squish your ears against the pillow. In fact, you will barely notice their presence.

In addition, you can switch off the anti-snore protection with a quick tap. As a result, it’s possible to share midnight ramblings and take those shockingly early calls from your aunt in Europe.

“QuietOn Sleep Active Noise-Cancelling technology has been optimized to cancel out low frequency sounds, especially snoring. The earplugs have a fully in-ear design with an ultra-soft cushion covering the outside, providing superior comfort for sleepers. You can easily switch between sleeping and hearing modes whenever needed, by one tap.” — QuietOn on IndieGoGo

The best bits

You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep — but $159 seems like a good deal. The earbuds even come with a neat charging case.

Future upgrades

It would be pretty sweet if the QuietOn earbuds actually worked as earbuds. The addition of Bluetooth would shorten the battery life, but just having the option would be nice.


– Pre-order now: via IndieGoGo

– Pledge: $159 USD

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