The Solar Cam is a truly wireless security camera

The Solar Cam is a truly wireless security camera

When it comes to home security, a great camera is a must-have in your lineup. However, the world of security cameras is often daunting and complicated. But, it doesn’t have to be. With the Solar Cam, home security is a breeze. This device:
– is a truly wireless security camera
– captures what’s important
– gives you total peace of mind

A truly wireless security camera

The biggest headache of home security is connectivity. Between cords, cables, and batteries, it’s no wonder many of us give up on home security. But, this is where the Solar Cam really sets itself apart. The innovative design of this security camera uses renewable solar energy for power. With a built-in solar panel, the sun charges the Solar Cam so it can capture the action day and night. This camera is truly wireless to be totally easy to set up and use.

truly wireless security camera

Always ready

Another frustration of security cameras is the hours and hours (and hours!) of footage with nothing happening. Once again, the Solar Cam solves this issue. Outfitted with a passive infrared sensor, the camera stays asleep until the action happens. The powerful sensor detects abnormal motion while also monitoring ambient heat changes. In only half a second of detection, Solar Cam starts recording in stunning HD. The result? No more time spent sifting through boring content.

truly wireless security camera

Convenient features

Of course, the placement of your security camera depends on your security needs and not the position of the sun. The Solar Cam comes with a 12-foot waterproof cable to place the detachable solar panel right where you need it. In addition, the Solar Cam connects to the app on your iOS or Android device with a live feed. You can tune in and stream while Solar Cam will send you an instant alert if anything is detected. Finally, this handy camera comes with no monthly fees or subscriptions. Because it stores content locally, you get total privacy.

truly wireless security camera

What we ❤️️

The Solar Cam solves every issue of modern security cameras. We trust this one!

Future designs

It’s hard to fault such an innovative device. We’d like to see a longer cable for the solar panel to suit a variety of setups.

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Kickstarter: until April 27th
– Pledge: $199
– Delivery: December 2017

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