Soundbrenner Pulse Keeps Your Rhythm In Check

Soundbrenner Pulse Keeps Your Rhythm In Check

Possibly the hardest part of learning an instrument or new music is knowing just how fast to play, or the rhythm. I can remember learning piano and being excited to remember all the keys to press and in what order. What I never learned, however; was how fast or slow to go (which is probably why I was pretty rubbish). Soundbrenner Pulse is the world’s first wearable for a musician designed to subtly keep you in rhythm.

Using high tech vibration technology, Soundbrenner Pulse replaces your old fashioned metronome by delivering precise vibrations while you’re playing your favourite instrument no matter what your expertise level.

Soundbrenner Pulse on stage

Soundbrenner Pulse can be set in three different ways. First, you can use the app to manually select the BPM (beats per minute). Connected via Bluetooth, the device is automatically updated. Secondly, you can toggle the wheel surrounding the face of Soundbrenner Pulse and you’ll also see the results reflected in the app. Lastly, and the coolest way, you can simply tap the device to set your own, personalized BPM. And, when you want to switch it up, you can use any of the three methods to reset.

Soundbrenner with phone

Soundbrenner Pulse comes with two adjustable silicon straps and can be worn around your arm or leg, and even by children. Musicians of all abilities can stay on beat with the strong and subtle yet punctual vibrations. In addition, you have the option of four LED colours (pink, orange, green, or blue) to illuminate with each pulse. If you prefer, you can also switch to discreet mode to turn off all LEDs so no one knows you have it.

Soundbrenner Pulse app

The accompanying app allows the users to improve their beat-keeping with exercises, create customisable alerts to encourage practice, and even produce and store custom beat patterns as presets. Additionally, when it’s not in pairing mode, the app doubles as a traditional metronome so you’re never without.

Although some may doubt the usefulness of vibrations (how often do you miss phone calls or get “phantom calls”?!), the team at Soundbrenner assure us that Pulse is powerful enough to be felt even with a stage shaking beneath your feet. As illustrated in the video, Soundbrenner Pulse has vibration amplitude of 6G. As a comparison, the Apple Watch comes in at 1G and your iPhone about 2G.

Soundbrenner in band

Using what the designers call Multi-Link, entire bands and orchestras can remain on the same beat with Soundbrenner Pulse. Each member will need to wear their own device and can all sync to the same hub; a smartphone. They’ll all receive identical beats to ensure the best possible sound.

Soundbrenner on piano

The device itself looks very much like a fitness watch; it has thick black adjustable silicon straps and is water resistant. The face is just 1.93 inches (4.9 cm) and it takes just one hour to fully charge the lithium polymer battery via micro USB. It’ll last you five hours and works with both iOS 8 and above and Android 5.0 and above.

Soundbrenner with violin

Musicians around the globe have been very supportive of Soundbrenner Pulse. With an initial goal of $75k for their campaign, they’ve already raised over $85k and have until the end of the month to raise more. Currently, there aren’t any stretch goals mentioned but perhaps a longer battery life could be added to the mix. You can pick up your own Soundbrenner Pulse for $149 and the devices will ship in November.

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