This all-sports smart remote is truly a game-changer

October is just around the corner and, with any luck, fall sports will be up and running, too. Get ready for a new season with the OmniView Sports GameChangr all-sports smart remote. This gadget is like the NFL's RedZone only it covers every sport and not just on Sunday. See every touchdown and exciting play, no matter the sport, with this game-changing remote.

This all-sports smart remote is truly a game-changer
OmniView Sports GameChangr All-Sports Smart Remote in Black

Fall is a busy time for sports fans. You’ve got the World-Series, the start of the NHL and NBA series, plus there’s the NFL to keep up with. While you’d love to sit down and watch every game, you know it’s darn near impossible. Not with your fall yard work. So how do you make sure you never miss a play? Taking a cue from the NFL’s RedZone, the makers of OmniView Sports GameChangr all-sports smart remote have developed a device that will continuously track your favorite teams, players, and sports, making sure that you catch every home run, basket, goal, and more.

You’ve never been able to watch sports more conveniently. Up until now, popular sporting apps have provided you with the content they’re licensed to provide. However, they don’t allow you the option to switch to another broadcast channel for more complete game coverage. This all-sports smart remote, however, keeps track of your fantasy sports teams, game betting, favorite teams, and players. The device then combines this information with its machine-learning platform to predict exciting plays before they happen and notifies you about upcoming exciting games. It sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? But someone has invented it.

Personalize your sports-watching experience

In short, GameChangr turns your smartphone into a universal remote for all sports, allowing you to integrate your fantasy sports and betting into one app, YourZone. With the app’s predictive play notifications, GameChangr takes you to any game before the best parts happen. That’s a pretty fantastic gadget. It’s like your phone can see into the future and automatically take you to the channel where your favorite football team is about to score a touchdown. So no more switching between channels to watch games that are playing simultaneously. This all-sports smart remote lets you keep tabs on everything all at once.

Monitor your favorite teams and players 24/7

Unlike the NFL RedZone that only tracks football on Sundays, this gadget will monitor the teams and players you prefer, every hour of every day. Imagine getting notified every time your favorite hockey player is about to score a goal. Other great features on this device include Play-by-Play, box scores, and GameCast for all games. So you’ll always be in the know about your teams, even if you missed the coverage on TV.

OmniView Sports GameChangr All-Sports Smart Remote

OmniView Sports GameChangr All-Sports Smart Remote on a Coffee Table with Beer in a Person’s Hand

Enjoy easy setup

You’d think that a machine-learning app would have a setup that’s time-consuming and complicated. That’s not so with GameChangr. Simply choose your favorite sports to follow and watch, pair the YourZone app with your GameChangr smart remote, and connect your streaming providers. Then connect your fantasy leagues and sportsbooks. Finally, sign up with your favorite platform and turn on predictive alerts. It’s never been easier to tune-in to every game at once.

OmniView Sports GameChangr All-Sports Smart Remote

OmniView Sports GameChangr All-Sports Smart Remote

Stay on top of your fantasy leagues and bets

I mentioned earlier about the option to include your fantasy leagues and bets. To go into greater depth, this all-sports smart remote automatically keeps you on top of your fantasy players and sports bets since it allows you to manage everything all in one place. When you’re invested in a team, the stakes are that much higher, and the inventors of this gadget understand that. Also, the exciting bet indicators send you predictive alerts for games based on the bets you’ve placed or can let you know about betting opportunities.

OmniView Sports GameChangr All-Sports Smart Remote

OmniView Sports GameChangr All-Sports Smart Remote on a Coffee Table

Say ‘good-bye’ to FOMO

Yes, the fear of missing out. It’s a real thing, especially if your friends caught that basket you missed because you were watching another equally important game. But with the YourZone app’s predictive alerts, GameChangr will tune your TV to the most exciting game to watch. So if you’re watching the Steelers game, but something’s going on with a baseball team you like in another state, you’ll get a notification right on your phone, iPad, or another device.

OmniView Sports GameChangr All-Sports Smart Remote

OmniView Sports GameChangr All-Sports Smart Remote App on a Smartphone

The OmniView GameChanger all-sports smart remote is an excellent option for fans who are interested in multiple sports. It makes it possible to see the best parts of all of your favorite games, whenever they happen and no matter the sport because sports enthusiasts rarely just have one favorite sport. With this sports remote, you won’t have to keep switching back between your phone and the TV when an exciting play happens. The app can do it for you. This gadget makes a great gift for any fan and makes sports-watching more enjoyable for you.

The GameChanger all-sports smart remote costs $68, and you can preorder it on the official website.

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