The Spyn Decision-Making Tops Make Decisions for You

The Spyn Decision-Making Tops Make Decisions for You

Who will choose which TV program you watch tonight? Will you select the restaurant for date night or will your partner? While making some choices is fun, decision-making can often be stressful. Enter the Spyn Decision-Making Tops. Much more than a toy, these tops:
– make decisions for you
– put fun into choices
– can be used every day

The Spyn Tops are equipped with answers to any question. With the finalizing decision at your fingertips, these tops are perfect for the indecisive.

Spin the Decision-Making Tops

Although the Spyn Tops look like toys, they mean business. Along the top are inscribed answers. Give it a twirl and, wherever it stops, obey the command. The Spyn Tops come with your choice of wording. Popular options are the “You/Me,” “Yes/No,” and the “Now/Later” tops. As the top comes to a halt, the decision is made. The answer is the word closest to the table top. Whether you’re making life choices or simply assigning chores, the Spyn Tops give an unbiased decision.

Decision-Making Tops

Decision Tops for Top Decisions

In addition to simply answers, the Spyn Tops can also be used for so much more. You can select a variety of words to adorn you top. One idea is to have family member names to assign duties. Or, you can have your favorite foods to help decide a recipe or takeout option. To integrate the Spyn Tops into even more areas, you can have yours equipped with dots like a classic dice. With Spyn Tops, the possibilities are endless but the decisions are final (or not – 2 out of 3 for vacuuming duty, anyone?).

Decision-Making Tops

Well-Balanced and Unbiased

The reason the Spyn Tops are so effective is that they offer an outside decision. The tops are definitive and easy to use. In fact, they’re made from 303 stainless steel. Additionally, they’re perfectly weighted and balanced to give every answer the same probability. With their super portable size, you can bring your unbiased decision making on the go.

Decision-Making Tops

What We Love

This gets rid of all the stress of decisions! We love that you can also combine multiple tops for more complex questions.

What We’d Like to See in the Future

We’d love to see larger spinning tops to fit in even more answers. This will liven things up a bit!

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Kickstarter: until February 3rd
– Pledge: $24 (includes wooden storage box)
– Delivery: April 2017

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