9 Star Wars gadgets that will give you the power of the Force

Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon. There are fans all over the world, and it's hard to leave your house without seeing something. From bumper stickers, to T-shirts, to movies, games, and books, Star Wars is everywhere.

9 Star Wars gadgets that will give you the power of the Force

If you can think of it, there’s probably some sort of Star Wars merchandise for it. And for good reason. The franchise is awesome (except for Episodes 1, 2, and 3; let’s not discuss those. And Solo gets a hard “maybe”). But for those of us who love the movies and expanded universe, we love to get our hands on all of the Star Wars gadgets we can. From household items to collectibles, there’s a Star Wars gift for everyone.

Luckily, there are a ton of options to choose from. With renewed interest in the universe since Disney’s purchase, and the release of new movies and shows such as The Mandalorian, there seems to be a never-ending stream of merch to pull out our wallets for. Collections that were once complete now need to be expanded with the introduction of new characters, and as technology improves and new devices are released, there’s Star Wars merch to correspond with it.

But never fear. We have you covered. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite products to bring a little bit of the Rebellion or the Empire into your home.

Sphero BB-8 Ultimate Star Wars Droid

If you’ve ever wanted your own BB-8 to patrol your realm for you, now you have your wish. The Sphero BB-8 allows you to bring part of the Star Wars world home with you. This BB-8 has an adaptive personality, which means it will change as you interact with it. You can set this droid up to patrol the house on its own, or you can guide BB-8.

ThinkGeek Star Wars Darth Vader Clapper

We’ve all seen the clapper commercials. And even though you’ve probably made some jokes at its expense, we can all agree that having a clapper on your bedroom light would be pretty darn convenient in a lot of instances. With this Darth Vader Clapper, you can have both your clapper and Vader doing your bidding.


Death Star Popcorn Maker

Thanks to Disney+, you can settle in for a long weekend of watching all of your favorite Star Wars movies back to back to back. But what’s a movie marathon without popcorn? While you’re watching the Death Star on the big screen blow up, let your own Death Star Popcorn Maker provide your movie snacks. And you can make it a healthy snack, since this popcorn maker doesn’t require butter or oil.

Star Wars Two Slice Stormtrooper Toaster

Start your morning with a little bit of the dark side with this Stormtrooper Toaster. This two-slice Star Wars gadget will put the Galactic Empire logo on every slice of bread. And it even toasts your thicker waffles too. Not to mention, it’ll look cool sitting on your counter. Because who doesn’t need a little bit more decoration in their kitchen?

Millennium Falcon Guide Lamp

If you’re looking for the perfect Star Wars gift for the superfan in your life, they’ll love this Millennium Falcon Guide Lamp. Not only is this gadget a perfect nightlight it has the specs for the Falcon on it. Not only will they be able to memorize the layout of the ship, this lamp also comes with 16 different color choices. If you have a kid who loves Han and and Chewy, this is the nightlight they need in their bedroom.

Lightsaber Salt & Pepper Shakers

Toss your old salt and pepper shakers in the trash. Because now, you can have Lightsaber salt and pepper shakers. This is the perfect Star Wars gadgets for the Rebel in your life. Not only do these shakers look awesome, they work with just the touch of a button to dispense just the right amount of salt or pepper. You won’t even have to do the work of grinding your salt or pepper anymore when these Lightsabers can do it for you.

Onnit Star Wars Functional Fitness Equipment

Having trouble finding the motivation to workout? Now, the Force will be moving you right along with the Onnit Star Wars Functional Fitness Equipment. You’ll be able to choose from a Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, or Boba Fett for your kettleball. (And for the last time, Boba Fett isn’t a Mandalorian.) Or, you can get one of each, since the kettleballs come in 50, 60, or 70 pounds. Or get your yoga routine done on Han Solo frozen in Carbonite. There’s even a Death Star slam ball for your workout (Or your aggressions. Take your pick.) Whatever your fancy, there’s a piece of equipment for you.

Death Star Kitchen Timer

Ah, the Death Star. A universal symbol of imminent destruction. Now, let your own Death Star Kitchen Timer warn you of impending disaster in your kitchen. Because we all know what a disaster it is when you bake something for too long. Especially those cookies your mouth has been watering for. This cool Star Wars gift will flash a green laser and emit realistic sound effects when the countdown hits zero.

Firebox Star Wars TIE Fighter Desk Lamp

If you’re looking to upgrade your home office with some official Star Wars gadgets, look no further than this TIE Fighter desk lamp. This stunning lamp can reach up to 60 centimeters tall, and it will stand on any surface. And with its flexible arms, you’ll be able to position this lamp to bring a bit of the light side wherever you need it. And thanks to a three-meter-long cord, you won’t have to struggle to find an outlet it will reach.

Next time you settle in to binge-watch The Clone Wars, be sure you’ve surrounded yourself with all the Star Wars gadgets you could ever want. Because we all know no Star Wars fan’s home is complete without a little bit of branding. What Star Wars merch do you have around your house?

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