Optimize Your Home Wi-Fi with Starry

Optimize Your Home Wi-Fi with Starry

It’s two months into 2016 and all we’ve done is confirm our reliance on the internet and home Wi-Fi. We use it to stream the latest debate or big game, order food and clothing, and even for researching various things (cue the downward spiral of Googling your “symptoms”). Without the internet, as we very rarely experience, we tend to panic. Finding a dead zone for Wi-Fi at home is horrible. Running out of data on your phone hurts even more. But, perhaps what is the absolute worst is having a Wi-Fi connection riddled with slow speeds and an unpredictable connection. Chin up. Introducing Starry, the world’s first ambient touchscreen Wi-Fi station.

In a nutshell, Starry is the single device that cuts out the frustration of Wi-Fi and provides you with peace of mind (and an ideal connection). Simply installed and even more simple to use, you’ll spend less time resetting your router and more time using the internet for what it was intended (cat videos, obviously).

Starry Station

Outfitted with a large, glanceable touchscreen, Starry shows you everything you need to know about your home Wi-Fi network and connection. Instantly view just how many devices are connected at once, manage how much time on the internet each device is allowed, and so much more. Because it connects directly to your Wi-Fi network and acts as a liaison, you can also check your internet speeds to see if you’re getting what you pay for from your provider. Best of all, you can view and resolve any issues immediately. Gone are the days of “have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Starry network

The easy to read 3.8-inch LCD touchscreen display shows each device labelled with either a blue orb or a red orb. Blue means all systems are go and red means you need to troubleshoot. The larger the orb, the more data the device is currently using. Incredibly, Starry alerts you to a problem when it arises, rather than vice versa, so you can search, stream, and order worry free.


Starry was designed to fit in the modern home. In addition to setting schedules and restrictions, it even lets you set custom passwords rather than having to remember a garbled mess of letters and numbers. The beautiful screen also displays guest login information instantly. While doing all of this, Starry looks pretty cool, too. Resembling a type of prism, Starry has a white polycarbonate cover and a silicone base to keep it in place. Inside is a speaker, mic, and a proximity sensor and the device is IoT (Internet of Things) ready to take on the pending technology of our world.

Starry Station

The future of Wi-Fi is here. If you’re ready to lose the headaches and general annoyance of your home’s connection, get on board with Starry. Shipping in March 2016, the device retails for $349.99.

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