The Swiftpoint GT iPad mouse makes it easy to work on the move

Tapping on a touchscreen is fine when you’re selecting which YouTube video to play. But if you want to be more productive, this iPad mouse is a must-have peripheral.

The Swiftpoint GT iPad mouse makes it easy to work on the move
  • What are the best productivity apps on iPad? Check out Pages, Numbers, Keynote, PDF Expert, Bear, Duet Display, and TextExpander Keyboard.
  • What is an iPad mouse? It’s a wireless mouse that lets you use your iPad without jabbing at the screen.
  • Which iPad mouse should I buy? With a compact yet ergonomic design, the Swiftpoint GT is one of the best iPad peripherals we’ve seen.

It’s easy to see why Apple’s iPad is such a popular machine. It’s smaller and lighter than any laptop, yet it can perform to a similar level. It also has the advantage of touchscreen usability, incredible battery life, and millions of great apps.

In fact, the iPad’s only real weakness is its lack of physical controls. While the on-screen keyboard does a job, it’s difficult to be productive when you’re jabbing at a screen. But fear not, tablet fans — there is a solution. The Swiftpoint GT iPad mouse offers precise control over your apps, and it’s small enough to take anywhere.

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Work anywhere

Why do I need an iPad mouse?

Of course, one of the great attractions of using a tablet is the touchscreen. Tapping pretty pictures seem so much easier than directing a cursor to the perfect spot.

There are occasions, however, when a touchscreen will actually slow you down. Say you’re writing up a report. How accurately can you select the passage of text you want to delete? This kind of fiddly stuff takes forever when you’re using stubby digits.

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It works with laptops, too

If you want to be more productive on your Apple tablet, the Swiftpoint GT iPad mouse is an essential upgrade. This palm-sized accessory weighs just 24 grams, but it has all the abilities of a conventional mouse. It even lets you use touch gestures, meaning you can zoom and swipe instantaneously.

[tweet_box]If you want to be more productive with your iPad, this ergonomic travel mouse is a must-have accessory.[/tweet_box]

Aside from your iPad, you can use this mouse with any laptop. This is particularly good for people who want to work on the go, but hate trackpads.

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Work on the go

Smart design

You might imagine that such a tiny mouse would be a little fiddly to use. However, the Swiftpoint GT has been developed carefully in order to overcome this potential issue.

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Ergonomic shape

The shape of the mouse encourages you to use a pen-holding grip. During long work sessions, this is much less likely to cause discomfort than a more conventional mouse.

Furthermore, the pen grip helps you work with precision. It’s more like using a stylus than a mouse — ideal for folks with a creative streak.

“The Swiftpoint GT functions across all operating platforms, even on iOS devices with the most popular remote desktop apps.…Add in both wireless USB and Bluetooth 4 connectivity and the world becomes not just your oyster, but your office too.” — Swiftpoint

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Any device, anywhere

Things we like

Thanks to some excellent design, this travel mouse is both comfortable to use and compact. Plus, it can keep going for two to four weeks on a full charge.

Positive critique

The only real criticism you can level at this peripheral is that it’s a little pricey. But if you regularly work on the move, you probably regard it as money well spent.


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