The Takkon TK-500 Drowns Out Your Partner’s Snoring

The Takkon TK-500 Drowns Out Your Partner’s Snoring

Sharing a bed with a partner who snores can be quite difficult. While there is a whole field of science to help with snoring, there haven’t been any solutions for the snorer’s partner. Until now. The Takkon TK-500 is the solution to drowning out your partner’s snoring once and for all as it’s:

– Unobtrusive to your sleeping
– Easy to use
– Portable for any and every trip

The Takkon TK-500 mitigates the sound of your partner’s snoring by using interactive acoustic filters. The device, comprised of two earpieces and a main hub, is intelligently designed and super smart to help you stay asleep.

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How It Works

The Takkon TK-500 is equipped with a tiny microphone to detect your partner’s snoring. The audio it picks up is then transferred to the built-in speakers in the earpiece. Amazingly, this audio is delivered totally filtered. This means you don’t hear the incessant sound of a chainsaw or a foghorn (depending on your partner’s snoring style).

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Designed for Your Lifestyle

Despite the ingenious snore-blocking technology, the Takkon TK-500 doesn’t disable your hearing altogether. Even when in use, you’re still able to hear important sounds such as a ringing phone, your alarm, people’s voices, or a baby crying. With this feature, the Takkon TK-500 allows you to truly rest assured that you won’t miss a thing (except that awful snoring).

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Using the Device

After giving the Takkon TK-500 a full charge, which will last for up to 20 hours, it’s very easy to use. Simply place the earpieces in your ear and connect the included cable to the hub. Turn it on, find your favorite sleeping position, and enjoy your snore-free night. With interchangeable tips in various sizes and 40cm of cable, you’ll always be comfortable while using this device.

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Why We Love It

Because the Takkon TK-500 easily recharges with the included USB cable, you can effortlessly top up the battery no matter where you go. It’s the perfect device for using at home or on vacation.

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What We Like to See in the Future

The Takkon TK-500 seems like the perfect device for those who suffer with a snoring partner. Perhaps a wireless version in the future could help give the user a little more room to move while it’s in use.


– Live on Kickstarter
– Shipping: January 2017
– Cost: Pledge of only $160

Give yourself the gift of sleep this holiday season. What methods are you currently using to drown out your partner?

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