Transparent Cam is the easiest way to share great moments

Livestreaming is a great way to share big moments with your friends. This wearable camera lets you start broadcasting with one touch.

Transparent Cam is the easiest way to share great moments

Just occasionally, we all experience something amazing. You know, the type of thing that makes you say “wow” out loud. The natural reaction for most of us is to share this feeling with friends and family. But while you’re fumbling with your smartphone, the moment is passing. Sunsets do not last forever, after all. Even if you do manage to capture the occasion, you will quickly realize that you saw everything through your phone. This is the frustrating trade-off that Transparent Cam (TCAM for short) hopes to solve. This lightweight wearable camera lets you livestream great moments to your loved ones with a single tap.

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Spot the camera

Share great moments

Clearly, this isn’t the first wearable camera ever created. It isn’t even the first to provide live streaming. But when Transparent Cam hits the market, this little device is assured of hit status.

Why? Well for starters, the camera is super easy to use. It literally takes one tap to begin streaming and one tap to stop. Furthermore, you don’t need to connect the camera with your phone. Transparent Cam has its own eSIM, meaning you can hook it up to any 4G LTE network.

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But the clincher is the price. At just $99, it’s one of the most affordable 1080p wearable cameras currently available.

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Convenient and affordable

Top features

While Transparent Cam keeps things simple, the device still has plenty of great features.

The camera attaches to your clothing via a magnetic clip, with the large lens pointing forward. This gives your followers a first-person view of great moments, without cramping your style.

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Instant streaming

The camera captures HD footage at full 1080p, with optical stabilization keeping things steady. The test footage we have seen doesn’t quite match up to the GoPros of this world, but it’s still pretty sharp.

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Capture everything

When you hit record, TCAM starts streaming instantly. The device can take advantage of any known Wi-Fi networks, or simply use 4G data. The camera works with YouTube, Facebook, and most other livestreaming platforms. In addition, your footage is sent straight to a personal cloud library. This means you can easily share videos after the event.

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Wireless charging

Transparent Cam also has built-in GPS, and a neat little screen that tells you who is watching your broadcast. The battery lasts for around two hours, and you can charge the device via any compatible wireless charging pad.

“TCAM has been created from the ground up to be the easiest way to share live video. Simplicity is the key. Press one button and you are ON AIR!” — Stan, CEO of Transparent

Things we like

TCAM looks the part, and the features list is impressive. We particularly like the fact you can livestream and record video without Wi-Fi or your smartphone.

Early stage

Transparent, the company behind TCAM, hopes to send out the first batch of cameras to IndieGoGo backers by November. We hope that the finished device lives up to its early promise.


– Pre-order now: via IndieGoGo

– Pledge: $99 USD

– Delivery: November 2018

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