Tech products every dog owner should have

Having a dog is one of the best parts of life. They’re our best pals, our loyal companions, and an endless supply of joy. As a dog owner, keeping your dog happy and healthy should be your #1 priority.

Tech products every dog owner should have
  • United Airlines is in hot water with their handling of dogs. One woman’s dog passed away after a flight attendant made her put her dog in an overhead compartment. Then, a day later, the airline sent a German shepherd to Japan instead of Kansas.
  • Because some stories don’t have happy endings, is a website that lets you know if any dogs don’t make it in a movie (so you can obviously avoid it).
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  • Dogs are the best. Some are heroes and some dogs give us endless entertainment:

When it comes to happy and healthy dogs, there’s a fairly simple formula for success. Like humans, our furry friends need a balance of food, exercise, love, and positive reinforcement training. When you have a winning combination, both you and your pup will get the most out of life and each other. Having the right tools at hand can make the entire process easier. From cleaning your pooch to entertaining him to no end, check out our list of tech products that every dog owner should have.

Get moving

  • Cycleash Universal Bicycle Leash
    This nifty contraption keeps your pup far and safe from the moving parts of your bike. The sturdy handle places their leash at a distance so you can cycle and run in sync.
  • Lishinu Hands-Free Dog Leash
    Letting you handle your pup hands-free, the Lishinu Leash makes it easy to get out and get active. If your dog lunges or pulls, the device automatically catches and stops the leash from extending further, just like a seatbelt.
  • EzyDog Road Runner Hands-Free Leash
    Attaching around your waist, this dog leash keeps your hands completely free while on your walk (or run).
  • Tech products every dog owner should have

    EzyDog Road Runner Hands-Free Leash

  • Pet Play Tunnel by P.L.A.Y.
    For the dogs more into agility, you can play anywhere with this popup play tunnel. Designed for all dog sizes, your best bud will love running through the tunnel.
  • PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher
    If your arm gets tired, you can setup this automatic ball launcher to take over. Working with standard sized tennis balls, your dog learns to put the ball back into the launcher for never-ending fun.

Cleaning your dog

  • RUBOLD Dog Dematting Tool
    For the long-haired dogs, this tool skillfully removes matted dog hair and fur. As a result, your dog is more comfortable and clean (and you have less fur around the house).
  • 360-Degree Pet Shower Kit
    Featuring a hose ring, this cleaning system coats your dog’s coat with water to ensure a total and thorough clean. Plus, it hooks up directly to your hose.
  • Soggy Doggy Wet-Dog Solutions
    As all dog parents know, drying off your dog is one of the hardest tasks. They just never seem to get dry! With the microfiber chenille shag material, it picks up all the water droplets.
  • Tech products every dog owner should have

    Soggy Doggy Clean Dog Collection

  • PetScrub Waterless Dog Bath System
    Kind to the dog and the environment, this system doesn’t use any water. The innovative shampoo works to rid your dog of dirt and grime for a sleek and shiny coat.

Grub time

  • Mario Smart Automatic Pet Feeder
    Never second-guess if you fed the dog again with this automatic pet feeder. Working with an app, you can even feed your pup when you’re not at home.
  • Tech products every dog owner should have

    Mario Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

  • Woofbowl Auto-Fill Water Bowl
    Complete with a built-in sensor, this smart bowl refills when it gets low. With it, your dog always has a fresh bowl of water.

Creature comforts

Your house is a home thanks to everything you put inside. You can make your place even cozier for your pet with a comfortable place to rest.

  • The World’s Best Dog Bed by Ralph & Co
    Designed with your dog’s comfort in mind, this dog bed features a cooling memory foam mattress and soft-but-tough fabric to hold up to anything and everything.
  • Bad Marlon Deauville Luxury Pet House
    Using premium materials, the Bad Marlon range is complete with proper light, ventilation, and space for man’s best friend to catch some shuteye inside or out.
  • Tech products every dog owner should have

    Bad Marlon Deauville Luxury Pet House

  • MDK9 Dog Haus Luxury Dog House
    This ultra-modern dog house uses timeless materials for a durable and sturdy design. The MDK9 Dog Haus features stunning Brazilian teak wood, powder-coated steel, and a concrete base.
  • K&H Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad and Cover
    Be sure your pup stays nice and warm on those cold days with this heated pad. It comes complete with an ultra cozy fleece cover.

Pawsitive reinforcement

Training your dog should always be based on positive reinforcement. This method rewards your pet for anything they do that is good. For instance, you can reward your dog because they keep all four paws on the floor when someone enters the home. Products such as shock collars or even those that emit a sound are not positive reinforcement and can have very negative effects on your dog.

And, keeping your dog trained while you’re away has always been impossible, until now. With an internet connection, you can monitor your dog with a Wi-Fi camera and even disperse treats with a touch of a button in the app. Here are three treat-dispensing systems that we really love:

Canine mindfulness

In addition to exercise, dogs need plenty of mental stimulation. This helps them release a different type of energy. Plus, it makes them super smart, opening the door for more tricks and training.

Coming and going

  • Foldable Car Seat Pet Carrier
    Designed for smaller dogs (or even cats!), this car seat offers a safe and comfy alternative to your car seat. Attaching with the seat belt, the foldable seat has a cushioned bottom for total comfort.
  • SureFlap Automatic Microchip Pet Door
    Syncing with your dog’s microchip, this pet door opens only when your dog approaches. It gives you total peace of mind that other pets or even wild animals cannot enter your home.
Tech products every dog owner should have

Pooch Selfie Dog Selfie Stick

For the true dog lovers

  • Pooch Selfie Dog Selfie Stick
    We’re all guilty of taking countless photos of our dogs and for good reason – they’re insanely cute! To get eye contact every time, use this dog selfie stick for complete and total attention.
  • Pet Umbrella With Leash
    Ah, the things we do for our pets. Some are allowed in our beds and others get food right from the table. But, some of our furry friends hate the rain. Keep them dry and happy with this umbrella leash.

Have a product that you love that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ashley Timms is an editor at Gadget Flow where she gets to write about the most incredible products in the world. When she’s not writing, she’s producing fine art dog photography.
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