Thanks to ButcherBox Subscription Box, Grass-Fed Beef is Now Affordable!

Thanks to ButcherBox Subscription Box, Grass-Fed Beef is Now Affordable!

I still remember the guy at the butcher shop who was the first person to make me understand that not all meat is created equal. Although grain-fed meat looks and tastes (somewhat) similar to grass-fed meat, these two genres are completely different. The difference in the diets of the cattle changes the nutrients and fats you get from eating the different types of beef. It is a proven fact that grass-fed meat is better than grain-fed meat because it has

1. Less total fat

2. More heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids

3. More conjugated linoleic acid, a type of fat that’s thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks

4. More antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E

5. No antibiotics or hormones, which are bad for humans, but are in most meats.

However, this meat is not as affordable as grain-fed meat most of the times which is why we tend to go for grain-fed meat. But ButcherBox wants to break that mold and bring healthy, natural grass-fed meat to your doorstep at an affordable price. In fact, the Today Show have commented that Grass-fed (ButcherBox) was the hands-down winner in the steak competition. Barely finishing the first bites, each taster, literally blindfolded, declared the grass-fed steak the winner. “It’s no contest.””

Get Butcherbox subscription for grass-fed meat now

Grass-Fed Meat Now at Your Doorstep

Before describing this service in details, let’s get down to what ButcherBox is all about. To put in simple words, ButcherBox curates an awesome selection of tastiest cuts of 100% grass-fed beef from trusted farmers and delivers them to you every month in a simple box. Along with the meat, you will also get easy-to-follow grass-fed recipes from the pros.

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The idea is to give you 100% healthy meat without breaking the bank. In fact, to ensure that the product they deliver is of the best quality, these guys taste test every cut from every farmer before including it in their shipments.

Butcherbox meat is fresh, natural and grass-fed

Eat Fresh. Eat Healthy.

When Mike Salguero was first introduced to 100% grass-fed beef, he was overwhelmed and surprised at the same time. While the quality of the meat overwhelmed him, the fact that not many people get access to this meat had him surprised. After doing some research, he found out that even if people have access, their selection is often limited to just ground beef. That made him think of starting ButcherBox and make grass-fed meat accessible to everyone in the United States of America.

Get 100% natural grass fed meat at Butcherbox

Affordable Monthly Subscription

ButcherBox subscription starts at $129/month and comes with 7-10 lbs of meat, which is enough for at least 20 individual size meals (at a 5 – 8oz portion size). The price works out to $6.50/meal, and shipping is free to the contiguous 48 states! If required, you can also customize your box with ground beef, bacon, and ribeye. There are four different boxes to choose from – the Beef Box, Mixed Box (Beef, Chicken, and Pork), Beef and Chicken Box, and the Beef and Pork Box. All of their products are free of antibiotics and hormones! Other than this, the team ensures to give you perfect packaging so that the meat can stay fresh on your doorstep for up to 24 hours.

Eat healthy meat with Butcherbox

Ready to give them a try before this Christmas? Go for it now! Which box sounds the best for you and your family?

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