The Kiwano KO1+ is the electric scooter of all of our dreams

Whether it's for fun or function, an electric scooter is a fantastic bit of gear to have in your arsenal. But, choosing the right one is absolutely key. The Kiwano KO1+ ticks all the boxes for range, ability, and high-tech functionality.

The Kiwano KO1+ is the electric scooter of all of our dreams
  • How can I cut down on my commute time? With an electric scooter, you can zip around traffic and congestion.
  • When was the first motorized scooter invented? “Sport” was the name of the first scooter from Go-Ped in 1985. We’ve come a long way.
  • Which electric scooter is great for commutes and adventures? The Kiwano KO1+ is a fantastic option that just hit the market. Keep reading to learn about Liz’s hands-on review.

It seems everyone these days is looking for a new, better mode of transportation that doesn’t involve driving a car. From congested traffic to the price of gas and insurance, it’s easy to see why. A mode of transportation that is fun, eco-friendly, and unique is always a winner. And that’s precisely where the Kiwano KO1+ electric scooter comes in. Offering a smooth ride, it’s a fantastic alternative for anyone looking to change up the way they get around.

Compact and agile, the KO1+ is practical and attractive for any commuter.

All about power

The Kiwano KO1+ packs a punch and leaves the other electric scooters in the dust. This scooter can go up to 12 miles on a single charge and it handles 20% inclines like a champ, totally delivering on power. In fact, it can even plow through snow. Did I mention it runs completely silently?

The Kiwano KO1+ is the electric scooter of all of our dreams

The Kiwano KO1+ provides an impressively smooth ride

While it is recommended that beginners start at the lower speeds of 7mph (12km/h), it does reach speeds up to 12mph (20km/h) for those of you who enjoy feeling the wind in your hair.

Practical transportation

When looking for a new personal scooter, there are several key things you need to consider. Of course, long battery life, great speed, and a suitable range are all important. But, mastering the scooter itself is one area many people gloss over. It’s like riding a bike – once you get it, it’s super easy. But, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take a little time and elbow grease to get the hang of it. Once mastered, the KO1+ is effortless to ride.

The Kiwano KO1+ is the electric scooter of all of our dreams

It can handle just about any terrain

Putting it to the test

The KO1+ was exceptionally easy to initially set up and charge. I love that this scooter is made to handle different terrain and is designed to hold up through varying weather conditions. Wet sidewalks, dirt trails, and even a bit of snow were no match for this beast. I never worried that the weather would slow it down and, with 12 miles on a single charge, I can go practically anywhere.

The Kiwano KO1+ is the electric scooter of all of our dreams

Living his best life on the Kiwano KO1+

Fantastic features

This updated version of the Kiwano scooter comes with its fair share of high-tech features. It’s equipped with sensors that detect when you’re leaning forward or back and makes it easy to turn and stop. Designed to stabilize itself, once you get the hang of it, riding feels very natural. The self-balancing feature is very cool, though can feel a bit unsteady as it seemingly waits for you to hop on.

In addition, the scooter comes with an app so you can calibrate the angle of the machine you’re most comfortable with while riding. There’s even a “follow-me” feature that toggles the scooter to follow you around as you walk.

There’s also a digital key lock for increased peace of mind. And, the LCD display also shows your speed, the remaining battery life, and rider mode. Perhaps most useful, the KO1+ sends off an alert if the battery gets too low so you can easily recharge.

Sand? No problem.

Taking things to the next level

The Kiwano KO1+ scooter offers several ways to upgrade your riding experience. Whether you choose the sport tires for more off-road riding, a Go-Pro mount to document your adventures, or you want to choose a more custom look for your handles and fender, there are several options to make this scooter your own.

What I love

The Kiwano KO1+ is a fun scooter that will have heads turning as you cruise down the street. Complete with its sleek design and user-friendly tech, it’s clear to me that a lot of thought went into creating this scooter.

The Kiwano KO1+ is the electric scooter of all of our dreams

The 12-mile range is perfect for daily adventures


Perhaps the only downside about this scooter is the time it took to learn how to ride. Of course, I wanted to hop on and go immediately when it arrived. But there was a learning curve that I had to overcome. Once you take a few days to practice, you’ll be zooming around like you’ve been riding forever. Practice and patience are your friends with this machine, but once you have it down, it’s a blast!


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