These are the most innovative eBikes for commuters that you can buy this year

Want to reduce your carbon footprint and actually enjoy your commute? Consider getting an eBike. These electric-powered bikes are convenient to own and a blast to ride. And we rounded up some of the most innovative ones available in 2021. Check out today's digest to see which eBike you should go for.

These are the most innovative eBikes for commuters that you can buy this year
Most innovative eBikes of 2021

If you’re looking to get an eBike in 2021, you’re in luck. There’s never been a better year to turn your daily commute into one that’s powered by electricity. The latest eBikes are lighter in weight than their predecessors, have great battery life and range, and may even fold for easy storage or a hop on the train. So today we’re rounding up some of the most innovative eBikes for commuters that you can buy this year.

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The eBikes on this list run the gamut between long-distance bikes that can go for 100+ miles without a recharge and sleek city options that take you where you need to go in style. So, whether you live quite a distance from work or are just a couple blocks away, you’re sure to find a great eBike on this list.

1. An automatic electronic bike provides antitheft technology. So it will still be outside waiting for you when you leave the grocery store.

VanMoof S3 in a video

The cool thing about the VanMoof S3 automatic electronic bicycle is that it connects to an app on your phone and has antitheft features like tamper detection, remote lockdown mode, and a built-in alarm. With location tracking, this bike always lets you know where it is.

Get it for $2,198 on the official website.

2. A moped-style eBike goes for 100+ miles. It’s the bike you need if you want to make it to the office and back on one charge.

Biktrix Moto moped-style eBike
Biktrix Moto in use

The powerful Biktrix Moto moped-style eBike is one of our favorite innovative eBikes for commuters this year. Its 750W Bafang hub motor lets it traverse the city and even climb hills. And the optional dual 48V 21 Ah batteries give you 100+ miles of range without a recharge.

Get it for $2,499 on the official website.

3. A lightweight eBike is great for a classy ride any time of the day. Because, if you’re going to cross the city in an eBike, you want to do so in style.

Featuring a sleek design, the FuroSystems Aventa lightweight eBike also has a high-powered motor that gives you up to 500 W when you accelerate and climb hills. With a 60 km range and a 25 km/hr top speed, it’s great for people who live close to their offices.

Get it for $1,899 on the official website.

4. A minimal eBike is ideal for cycling purists. It offers simple, no-fuss eBiking, but it still packs a punch with its 250 W motor.

The Lekker Bikes Amsterdam+ minimal eBike made our list of innovative eBikes for commuters because it has just a single gear. But the specific gear ratio ensures you have plenty of momentum. And, with a 250 W Bafang motor, you’ll certainly get the power you need.

Get it for €1,898 on the official website.

5. A turbo eBike is great for long commutes. It has a range of up to 93 miles, so you can take it to work even if you live quite a distance away.

More great eBikes for commuters are the Specialized Turbo Como eBike series. The top-tier model in this series is great for long trips with its 93-mile optional range extender. All the bikes have an LCD display and specialized motors that allow for quick startup.

Get it for $3,250 on the official website.

6. A sporty commuter eBike enhances your morning commute’s fun factor. That’s right, you’re going to enjoy riding this eBike to work.

e-JOE ONYX in a video

The e-JOE ONYX sports class commuter eBike is an innovative eBike for commuters because it’s a joy to ride. With its 1,000-watt peak motor and range of up to 45 miles, it’s a breeze to use. Best of all, the 48-volt, 14-Ah battery charges in just 6 hours.

Get it for $1,799 on the official website.

7. A stylish eBike features a 27-mile range and a 36V battery. It’s great for city dwellers who want to get where they’re going without waiting in any lines.

With its sleek black design, the Analog Motion AMX Classic eBikes series is sure to get some second glances. This seriously good-looking eBike is great for commutes or leisure and comes in two models. They give you a top speed of 32 kph and take just three hours to fully recharge.

Get it for £1,789.

8. A vintage-inspired eBike gives you a 50-mile range and reaches up to 36 mph. It’s ideal for commuters who want their ride to look good.

These are the most innovative eBikes for commuters that you can buy this year Vintage Tracker Classic full-throttle eBike
Vintage Tracker Classic in red

The Vintage Tracker Classic full-throttle eBike made our list of innovative eBikes for commuters you can buy in 2021 thanks to its specs and style. With its 720 Wh battery, it gains speed quickly. And, with its rack and panniers, it’s convenient for stops at the grocery store.

Get it for $5,245 on the official website.

9. A foldable eBike series makes train commutes easy. Because you might just want to take the subway home, especially if it’s dark or starts to rain.

The Tern Bicycles Vektron eBike series includes bikes that are super convenient to own. They fold away in just 10 seconds, making them easy to use on public transportation and store in your office. They reach a speed of up to 20 mph and are pretty quiet with minimal pedal resistance.

Get them starting at $3,199 on

10. A folding eBike makes storage easy. This one is lightweight, and the folding feature lets you hop on public transportation.

KwikFold X-ite 3A electric folding bike
KwikFold X-ite 3A at a station

Finally, the KwikFold X-ite 3A electric folding bike is another great choice for city dwellers. It folds into a compact size for storage and commutes on the train. And the aluminum handlebar and pedal keep the bike lightweight and easy to carry.

Get it for £999 on the official website.

There are so many great eBikes to choose from for your commuting needs. And these cool eBikes for commuters are sure to tick all the boxes when it comes to useful features and specs. Let us know in the comments which of these eBikes you’re adding to your wish list.

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