This free date-generating app actually suggests spots where the two of you can meet up

It's nearly summer 2021, and most of us have gone an entire year without a date. Now that things are relaxing a little, you're probably eager to meet a potential partner again. What you're probably not so enthused about is planning a date with someone you've never met and might not have much in common with. The Latch dating app solves this conundrum because it actually helps you plan your night out. Keep reading this blog post to find out how.

This free date-generating app actually suggests spots where the two of you can meet up
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Get off your phone and go on an incredible date with someone when you use the Latch dating app. This unique date-generating app aims to get couples together based on interests and chemistry rather than just swiping right. If you’ve ever tried online dating platforms, you know what a frustrating experience they can be. While they help you meet new people, it’s often difficult to find something substantial. The creators of this date-generating app hope to change that and help compatible individuals connect.

You’ve met some people on Tinder and have gone on countless OkCupid dates. And maybe some have turned into a serious relationship. But here you are, single again, and you dread planning another awkward first date. Should you plan a gaming night or a traditional dinner out? There’s so much to consider. You’re ready for something new, something that makes first dates less stressful, more fun, and more likely to lead to something special. If all that sounds familiar, check out the Latch dating app.

Latch dating app
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Get started with this new dating app in Singles Mode

Getting started, you’ll find that the Latch dating app has some similarities to the dating apps you’ve used before. You create a profile to help other users form a general idea about you and your personality. So you can include information about your interests, career, education, and more. In your profile, you also choose your date preferences.

Once you set everything up, you go to the browse page to view singles in your general area. Like Tinder and OkCupid, if you like someone and they like you back, you then match with that person. When that happens, the two of you can chat and interact.

But that’s where the similarities end. Because, once you match with another person, the app suggests a date spot based on both of your preferences. It’s a cool way to break the ice and establish a real-world connection with each other.

Latch dating app
Latch dating app and a couple / Image Credit: Unsplash

Discover its patent-pending dating algorithm

But, if you or the person you want to date aren’t crazy about the initial date suggestion, either of you can reroll the date with the option to include additional filters. So, while you both might have said that you’re into outdoor, adventure-based dates, skydiving might not be quite what either of you had in mind—though it might certainly help create a bond.

In any case, this date-generating app allows for flexibility. Interestingly, the algorithm this app uses to determine date locations is patent-pending, so it’s a unique piece of tech.

Use Couples Mode to keep the spark going

Most dating apps out there focus on establishing an initial connection between users. Once a couple is connected and dating, the app leaves them to either make it or break it on their own. This is another area where the Latch dating app stands out.

The creators know that there’s more to building a successful relationship than the initial attraction. And, with that in mind, they developed Couples Mode. It’s the app’s way of supporting date night for new and established couples. It solves that conundrum of what to do for a fun night out with a person you already love.

Earn rewards through Latchbux

Latchbux is this date-generating app’s reward system. It works as both an in-app currency and a rewards points system. So, whenever you successfully check into a date, the app awards you 20 Latchbux. You can send them to friendly matches or spend them on in-app features.

Eventually, the creators hope to turn Latchbux into direct business promotions. So, in the future, you could potentially send someone a free drink from a local bar or use them to get a complimentary dessert after an amazing dinner. Later on, the company plans to offer other ways of earning Latchbux, like referring friends and posting tips. You can also buy Latchbux on the app when you run low.

Get badges of approval on this date-creating app

Online dating should be a safe, healthy experience where users act in good faith. Unfortunately, you often don’t find out that someone is unpleasant until you meet them or have gone on several dates.

The Latch dating app, however, wants to empower the dating community to report and label misconduct. You can do this by marking someone with the ghost badge. However, you can also reward others with badges for kind behavior, like giving the chatty badge if a person responded quickly to your initial chats.

Support businesses with this romance app

Everyone has encountered difficulties from 2019 to 2021, especially businesses in the hospitality and entertainment industries. And, now that things are picking up for summer 2021, these sectors hope to see people flocking to their establishments again. This date-generating app can help since it connects users to local spots that match their preferences.

With that in mind, the creators say they will allow every business to integrate with the app, set the hours of operation, confirm reservations, and more. From skydiving operations to a five-star restaurant, businesses can use this app to connect and serve their clientele.

Get expanded features with Latch Plus

While the Latch dating app is free, the monthly subscription service expands its features. When you subscribe, you get a monthly allowance of 200 Latchbux, unlimited access to certain features, and more control over the Date Generator.

This date-generating app helps you take online dating to a whole new level. Because, while Tinder and OkCupid might have helped find you hookups and relationships three years ago, online dating certainly needs improvement.

And the Latch dating app hopes to help couples establish chemistry and a bond. It achieves this by planning cool first dates, and date nights in a suitable location. Also, it encourages users to report misconduct and rude behavior. Finally, the app also helps connect people to businesses that can give them an amazing night out.

You can support this campaign and help the app come to life through a pledge on Kickstarter. Pledges of $5 or more give you early access to the app as soon as the goal is reached. You’ll also get exclusive access to the beta, a Kickstarter badge to display in your profile, and 20 Latchbux upon signup.

What has your experience been with dating apps? Let us know what you like and dislike about them in the comments or if you have any suggestions for improvement.

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