This health camera helps you see hard-to-view body areas for comprehensive checkups

Want to have a closer look at your teeth or inner ear without going to the doctor's office? The Dr. CLOBO telehealth camera can help thanks to its high-definition camera. Keep reading this blog post to learn how.

This health camera helps you see hard-to-view body areas for comprehensive checkups
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Take control of your health with Dr. CLOBO. This high-resolution health camera lets you see hard-to-reach body areas like your back teeth, inner ear, behind your head, and more. Then, it provides you with an online consultation with a doctor. That way, you might even be able to skip an in-person appointment.

If you’ve ever hesitated to visit a doctor’s office because you fear picking up a cold or spreading yours to others while you’re there, you’d probably like to have a useful, everyday way to check up on yourself at home. Thanks to tech like Dr. CLOBO, that’s entirely possible. This HD health camera has a 30 FPS framerate that lets you take snapshots with ease and share them with a doctor. Let’s check out this cool new gadget.

This health camera helps you see hard-to-view body areas for better checkups
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Get versatility with 2 camera heads

With Dr. CLOBO, you get two types of camera heads. The basic head features a standard lens; it’s ideal for getting a closer look at your hair, teeth, and skin. Meanwhile, the otoscope head has a high-resolution lens that allows you to capture and share images of your ear, nose, and throat.

Improve dental hygiene with on-demand oral imaging

Want to improve your oral hygiene? This health camera lets you get a dentist’s view of your mouth at any time. Just attach the basic head to the device so you can spot and remove food stuck between your teeth or check for tartar buildup. Otherwise, you can use Dr. CLOBO to watch over the healing process if you’ve had oral surgery.

You can also use Dr. CLOBO to take photos of kids’ dental problems since youngsters might find it difficult to describe their discomfort or pain. And, of course, in the event your son or daughter breaks a tooth by jumping off a sofa and falling face-first onto the floor, having the ability to take a detailed photo and send it to the dentist is a true product for parents.

Check you skin health any time

Typically, when you’re concerned about skin discoloration or wrinkles, you have to book an in-person consultation with a doctor. But with this health camera, you can inspect fine lines, clogged pores, sun spots, and more right from home. You can even use it to inspect your scalp if you’re dealing with dryness, flaking, or hair loss.

Book a consultation with a doctor 24/7

When you want to show something via this health camera to a doctor, the process is easy. In fact, the connected app actually lets you communicate with expert doctors for an additional fee. Just take a picture or video of the hard-to-view area with Dr. CLOBO, and you can send it immediately through the app. Then, you’ll receive a message about the appointment within 24–48 hours.

Learn more about the helpful app

With the Dr. CLOBO app, you turn your phone into a handy video monitor with the help of Wi-Fi. Then, you can either live stream your video to your health care provider during a teleconsultation or send pictures and videos and wait for a response. The app also provides customer service for your inquires about the device.

Choose a telehealth camera that’s easy to clean

You’ll be happy to know that the Dr. CLOBO camera heads are removable and easy to clean. Simply take off the head after you’re done using it and use the included alcohol swabs to clean and disinfect the device and camera heads.

Enjoy excellent visibility with the built-in LED ring light

And, to ensure that you always get clear, detailed images, the included LED ring light provides excellent visibility. It’s located inside the camera lens to provide a superior view of hard-to-reach body areas.

Have a look at the accessories

Dr. CLOBO also comes with helpful camera accessories: a reflector and a safety cap. The reflector improves light and visibility while you check your teeth. And the safety cap works with the otoscope camera’s pointed lid; it’s also easy to remove for cleaning and sterilization.

Connect this medical camera to pretty much any device

Are you an Apple fan or devoted to Android? No matter which operating system you use, this health camera can work for you. That’s because it’s compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows.

Take control of your health with this useful camera

If you’ve ever wished you could have a closer look at your gums, inner nose, and more without booking a doctor’s appointment, your dream has come true with Dr. CLOBO. It’s never been easier to manage and take control of your health right from home.

Dr. CLOBO typically costs $96.60. You can preorder it on Kickstarter for $69. What are some of your favorite health gadgets? Let us know about your discoveries in the comments.

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