This luxurious Apple Watch case is designed for the active wearer

You want your Apple Watch to look sleek and one of a kind, but you also need it to keep up with you. For a high-end, yet durable Apple Watch case, check out the Golden Concept RSC44. It boasts premium materials, a classic design, and can handle any rigorous activity you throw at it.

This luxurious Apple Watch case is designed for the active wearer
Golden Concept RSC44 on a wrist

Dress up your Apple Watch without any worries when you pair it with the Golden Concept RSC44 active Apple Watch case. It features strong, lightweight titanium and carbon fiber. Even better, it weighs only 22 grams and is made for active wear. So it can withstand anything from a stroll around town to intense mountain bike rides.

You want your Apple Watch to be unique. Yet, so many of the luxury Apple Watch cases on the market are fragile and add weight to the wrist. These aren’t so with the Golden Concept RSC44. This is one high-end Apple Watch accessory that can actually stand up to your busy lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look.

Golden Concept RSC44 in a video

Get an Apple Watch case designed for the active man

While this watch amps up the luxury of your Apple Watch, you can wear it without worry thanks to its titanium and carbon fiber materials. They’re 2 of the strongest materials on the planet, which means you can wear this luxurious Apple Watch case to the office or even during sports without damage or scratches.

Enjoy a lightweight smartwatch case

Another hang-up of typical luxury Apple Watch cases is that they can add extra weight to your wrist. This can make typing, driving, and working out more cumbersome than they need to be. Luckily, the Golden Concept RSC44 only weighs 22 grams. That’s thanks to the titanium and carbon fiber materials we mentioned above. And as a comparison, many other high-end Apple Watch cases tip the scales at 65 grams and more. With a watch case that’s so lightweight, you can keep wearing it comfortably as you go about your day.

Appreciate the easy-to-wear design

In addition to being lightweight, the Golden Concept RSC44 also has an easy-to-wear design. Measuring just 45 by 50 mm, it won’t get in your way while you’re working on the computer or driving. Plus, at 13.8 mm thick, it has a slim profile. This way, you won’t easily bump it against your desk or a door.

Choose an Apple Watch Case made using Swiss watch techniques

Although the world has embraced smartwatch technology, that doesn’t mean consumers have stopped appreciating high-quality craftsmanship. In fact, smartwatches have made them more desirable than ever. That’s why the creators of this luxury Apple Watch case have opted to create their line the same manufacturing methods and techniques that the Swiss Watch industry has relied on for centuries.

Add a timeless look to your Apple Watch

And along with craftsmanship comes style. Style is important to any watch, and you want yours to stand out from the rest. For that reason, Golden Concept has selected a timeless design for this active Apple Watch case. Its sleek shape and minimalist lines make your Apple Watch a timepiece that you’ll always reach for. It’s sure to become a regular part of your wardrobe.

Go for a case that fits your Apple Watch

Best of all, the Golden Concept RSC44 suits a wide range of Apple Watch models. Whether you own a 44 mm Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, or SE, this Apple Watch Case will work for you. That way, you can add durable luxury no matter which Apple Watch suits you.

Stand out with the elegant accent colors

Color is also important when it comes to a luxury watch. It sets the tone for the piece and communicates your style. Thankfully, this luxury Apple Watch case gives you the choice of 2 accent colors: raw titanium or rose gold. So you can definitely personalize this watch case to your tastes. Both designs boast a modern look with their overall onyx black case and band color.

Sport this case even near water

You’ll be happy to know that this active Apple Watch case won’t affect your Apple Watch’s water-resistance rating. So you’re still free to wear your Apple smartwatch in the rain, shower, and even while you swim with this case, which is pretty excellent. They don’t call it an active watch case for nothing, do they?

Stay comfortable with the rubber bracelet

Meanwhile, the rubber strap bracelet keeps you comfortable. Because while those linked watch bracelets look beautiful, they can pinch your arm hair and skin something terrible.

The Golden Concept RSC44 adds active luxury to your Apple smartwatch. Because while you want your Apple Watch to stand out, you also want it to blend into your lifestyle. With this luxury Apple Watch case’s high-quality materials, sleek form factor, and low weight, it does just that. For wearers who aim high, this is the Apple Watch case for you.

The Golden Concept RSC44 active Apple Watch case costs $1,499. You can get it on the company’s official website. What sort of Apple Watch cases have you tried? Let us know about them in the comments.

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